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Lake Geneva Boat Line, better known as Elmer’s, finally got some support and movement from the city.
Elmer’s has been requesting some changes to its lease agreement with the city for close to two years. The request is to extend the current lease agreement from two years to three or four and to move two of its boat slips. Elmer’s is a very popular water rental business with a great location just steps from the Riviera. Kent, the owner, and operator of Elmer’s has been to all city meetings where his request has been on agendas. The issue of extending the lease from two years to three or four makes sense in regards to running and sustaining a successful business. The moving of two boat slips from one side of the pier to the other is an issue of convenience and safety for Elmer’s crew and others on the lake.

The Piers, Harbor, and Lakefront Committee voted last week and is moving the issue to the city council with a unanimous vote of yes. The Finance, Licensing, and Regulation, along with the city council,l still need to vote yes to confirm the approval but for now, Kent considers this a win. He has been patient when discussing business with city officials and it’s paid off. Great news for Elmer’s, Kent, and the lake people.


Fall is coming.
After a strange hot humid summer, the upcoming cooler and dryer season is welcomed, but not without some anxiety, as flu season approaches and the coronavirus is still hovering over the nation. The first day of fall is Tuesday, September 22nd.  Fall officially ends on, December 21st. Autumn is celebrated in many ways traditionally, including the purchase of fresh apples, hayrides, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and of course fall colors.

The fall colors around the Geneva Lake are a spectacular sight and many are drawn to the city for the show. The Wisconsin Department of Tourism does a great job of estimating and tracking the fall colors so travel plans can be coordinated so peak colors will not be missed. The color report is estimating the peak color week in Lake Geneva to be the fourth week in October. Snake Road is a favorite for viewing nature’s beauty and fall colors.


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