by James Strauss

Facebook, which now encapsulates more than thirty percent of all people who access the Internet, has decided that they are going to begin filtering entries on its site for fake news, and start getting rid of those sites and entries that meet their criteria. This is a huge step, it is taking away the freedom the Internet has always allowed, and so far it is going by relatively unnoticed and unchallenged. But it’s not. This flagrant privatization of the Internet, and now even more flagrant censorship, is being done under a false assumption. And that assumption is a big one. The assumption being that all the ‘fake’ news is coming from the Internet, when that is not the case at all. The example most commonly used to illustrate the concept of fake news is the story about Pope Frances endorsing Donald Trump before the election. Even though Sixty Minutes somehow found the person who’d made up the story, and devoted a full segment of its Sunday evening show to interviewing him, and in the process revealed to the world the full story of how he made the story up and then got cheated out of the money he was somehow supposed to make, the story continued to be viewed and shared.

What a load of poppycock that fake news segment was. What’s really going on is what I’ve been writing about for some years. There’s no way that ‘the powers that be’, being fully in control of a lying mass media, are going to concede any news credibility to anyone but themselves. That’s their business and everyone else better stay the hell out of it. Years ago the media figured out that the ‘news’ could be slanted in order to induce changes in belief systems and therefore in the beliefs of populations, which could result in changing the actions of whole countries and cultures. For example; the mass media is locked into a war with Islam. Purportedly, it’s Donald Trump and his Christian white supremacist following that’s leading the fight, but in reality it is the mass media favoring Christianity in this war (which was never a war at all). It’s even highly questionable that wildly whacked out splinter groups have committed all the supposed worldwide terrorism, and it is a certainty that Muslims as a whole have had nothing to do with it, except suffering and dying in the millions.

America’s mass media has been using  fake news for as long as there has been ‘mass media’. The weapons of mass destruction, used as the major motivation/justification for going to war with Iraq, and having all those people die (friend and foe alike), never existed. The mass media lied, and they knew they were lying. Whatever they choose to cover, i.e. report, is all the ‘news’ Americans get. They covered Trump significantly more than Hillary, and they minimized his constant lying while turning her, a person lying about almost nothing, into the biggest liar in political history. Whether Trump will prove to be a good president or a bad one is still in doubt, but there is no doubt at all that he tweets lies daily from his own private computer. He lied about ‘winning by a landslide,’ but that’s barely been contested by mass media. Instead of examining how he will come into office on the slimmest margin of all time in the electoral college, while simultaneously having lost by a verified huge majority of the popular vote, is also barely discussed. Likewise, for all intents and purposes, the media is ignoring Trump’s lying about the Russians and the hacking.

So, what’s going to happen to the Internet? It is likely to remain under full frontal attack. The first attack had nothing to do with Facebook. Years ago, the first attack was conducted over child porn. Because of this threat legislation was proposed to allow the government itself to monitor everyone on the Internet, and the content of what they were posting or writing. That legislation failed, and the giant problem of child porn diminished to the tiny minority it was, and always has been. The Facebook attack is more serious, just as allowing one man’s corporation to take over the Internet using a social media forum as a device, was calculated. It was the second attempt at that too. The first was called MySpace, which failed.

This is all about you. Not ‘they,’ or those people who spend most of their lives online. No, It’s about controlling ‘you,’ by punishing dissent, and any actions or communication that would threaten them. Who are they? You know them. You’ve always known them. They live behind those expensive, custom-laid stone walls with pointy iron bars along the top. They are the people in the back of those black limos, utilizing those almost invisible private airports (16,000 in the U.S. and over 50,000 worldwide). They are the ‘owners’ and everyone else is to be treated as a renter, and if you are reading this, that is you.

The fake war was spearheaded by companies you also know well. They are the New York Times, Fox News, ABC, NBC and all the cable news networks. The newspapers have a great bone to pick with the renters because their circulation has gone to hell. They used to use the excuse that people were going to the Internet instead of reading, but now the supposed reason people are quitting is that they are leaving ‘real’ news for the more interesting, entertaining and graphically illustrated ‘fake news.’ It’s not about fake news. None of it. It’s about you, and getting rid of what we have all come to know as the Internet, and the war for ‘them’ is going well.

The voice of the news determines how the future is going to be shaped by remanufacturing the past and even the present. This is old stuff. Remember the Main! Remember Pearl Harbor! Remember 9/11! Those events violently changed history. What if they were fake news? Unless the fake nature of them, if they were fake, was discovered right after they were presented as reality, nothing would change. The news agencies just move on and everyone is expected to forget. The New York Times, for example, charged into the Iraq war knowing full well that there were no weapons of mass destruction. Or much of any other kind, either. What happened when all the facts came out? Nothing. They just pander on to the public like before. During the recent election, everyone was fed a whole load of horse manure (fake news) right up to election night. Hillary was predicted to win by almost every major news network. And the New York Times. Those predictions did not last one hour. And that means that those Pro-Hillary results were made up beforehand. Fake news. The very definition of it. What happened to all these supposed ‘news’ agencies? Nothing. Except for one thing. They are all together in blaming the upstart Internet sites as causing the mass slaughter of the Democrats, and declaring it’s high time to get rid of those fakers. Turn on the TV news, and get your papers every morning. I used to pore over what they had to say, and what they wrote. Now those news sources are sources of humor. You should be laughing at them too.

Go to the Internet. That ‘fake’ news, written by the younger generations, is better than the old dead fake news being made up by old (about to be dead) white men. Watch to see whose reality wins.
~ James Strauss


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