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Are you on the right Page? During the last heavy snowfall, a county employee was plowing along, literally, on a Walworth County Road not far out of Elkhorn. There was not much to be seen except for snow. It was in early afternoon. The plow was pushing about a foot or more of blown snow off a back county road for the third time that day. Up ahead the driver saw a man by the side of the road, just standing there with no car around. The driver stopped the plow and got out. He asked the young man what he’s doing there, and the guy told him he’s lost. The driver shook his head, and needing to get back to plowing, then he loaded the man into his passenger seat. They plowed the roads together for the rest of the driver’s shift.

When the light began to drop the driver took the man to his own car. The driver lives in Walworth, however, the man said he came by train and had to leave out of the train station in Harvard, Illinois. Without fanfare, and with no more questions (because the snow plow driver is a Wisconsin country man of few words), he drove the man to Harvard, which took the driver an extra thirty miles from his own home. The man boarded the train, while the driver waited to make sure he got on. The driver knew that many people who come up from the Chicago area have no idea about the potential difficulties of country living, or country weather. The man left, wishing the driver a Merry Christmas.

The driver drove home and that was the end of the affair. The next morning the wife of the driver reported the story to a GSR investigator at the Geneva Java Coffee Shop. She didn’t think it was an extraordinary story. The investigator and publisher of the paper did. The driver’s name cannot be divulged for fear of possible repercussions from his allowing a civilian to ride in the county truck. But the story? It’s a story that describes why Christmas, and every other season in and around Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, is mostly filled with wonderful people. Those looking to help by example, or because it’s the right thing to do, or simply to earn their angel’s wings. We hope the man on that Page of this story wins his wings.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas in Lake Geneva

Just another Christmas house all decorated in Lake Geneva. So many people with so much spirit in a time when so much spirit is needed.

The Geneva Shore Report was wrong about the Avant Bicycle and Coffee Shop lease. Apparently, that new shop owner, and the owner of the business building, have fully agreed on the terms of the arrangement and the lease would appear to favor the small business. And it was not written by the owner or submitted to that business as a fait accompli, or a “take it or leave it” document. Tony, the new owner coming in to the Broad Street Location, is taking off like a rocket. He’s never run a coffee shop before, but, as he says, he never ran a bicycle shop before and his Delavan Store has been quite successful. The owner of the business property was quite upset to see himself in print in a “predatory” way and the Geneva Shore Report owes him an apology which the publisher and staff will make in person if Mr. Herman will see them.


Do not go out on that damned ice! It’s too soon. Yes, it has been very cold, but not cold for long enough. One person has died on Lake Como, two on a pond nearby (both kids!), and even horses have been lost further up north where it is even colder. It takes at least four inches of ice (preferably six inches) for lake ice to be anywhere near safe to walk on. Unless you are seen when you go into the lake, should you fall in, there is little likelihood that anyone will be able to get you out in time. And no, you can’t climb out because the edge of the ice you try to get up on will break out from under you if you try. Lake Geneva is not safe to go out on until further notice. Many people walk out and go all the way to the edge where the open water is. What can anyone say about such behavior? They don’t know. Families do this every year right near the Riviera.

Don’t! Really, don’t go out there

Lake Geneva from window of Stone Manor

Lake Geneva from the third floor of Stone Manor. Freezing in its cold beauty. Herd in its soft loveliness. Taken just before the last big snow. Be aware of Danger of Thin Ice

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