by James Strauss

“The times they are a changing,” is a phrase from a song, a line in a book, and part of a movie script. The times they are always changing, however, because that is the way entropic causality in the universe is viewed by human beings. Things that don’t change are simply things that are not properly or adequately examined or viewed. The quest for leadership among homo sapiens takes full advantage of the fact that most of the change humans experience is so slow in occurring that rapidly violent change gains full attention, and immediate notice, at the expense of the slow stuff.

The ball in the Sol Solar system called Earth expands between twenty and thirty inches per year. The world is getting ever so slowly bigger, as the great continental plates comprising its surface separate, and as molten magma from below oozes up and out. Usually only scientists take note, unless one of these plates stores its energy for a period of time and then expends it all at once (resulting in an earthquake, with a possible tsunami following). Year by year, the planet is also slowly getting warmer. Most humans don’t notice these things, and neither example gets much media attention, compared to tornadoes, terrorism, political stuff or murder.

Politics is the word western cultures use to describe the ever evolving changes in social and governmental leadership that occur all the time. Many people claim to be uninterested in politics because they don’t know what the word means. The word itself is a construct invented to produce exactly that kind of effect. Cultural leadership depends much more on inaction and deception than it does on convincing followers to accept positive changes for their benefit. The primary tools of inaction and deception, that appear and are applied whenever leadership change comes near, are secrecy and fear. The cleverly deceptive phrase “conspiracy theory” was created seventy years ago by a wartime psychology operations group. The purpose was to first inoculate a certain few members of society, and then promote a broader acceptance in the social order, of ignoring things that gave every indication of being absolutely true, but could be consigned to a belief scrap heap by using that phrase. Assassinations, bombings and physical events (‘dark’ projects, UFO phenomena, and even strange affectations in space) that deserve in depth investigation and objective conclusions can be assigned to a category of thought and examination totally verboten to science and public interest. They can then be ignored, i.e. hidden. Secrecy is the most powerful tool of leadership and control.

To this day in America, one cannot openly discuss any other alternative to the 9/11 attacks than some untrained amateurish Arab boys bringing about the fall of the towers in New York. What happened there and then, however, is not the issue. The real issue is that no alternative to a conclusion that was arrived at with no investigation at all, can be studied. UFO phenomena cannot be studied because any study (or even discussion) consigns the person looking into the phenomena (real or otherwise) to being a nut. Humans are not allowed to study UFOs. Period. All American astronauts who went to the moon came back with stories about UFO phenomena. Their reports were ignored.

The leadership of all the pockets of humanity change according to what is known, and what is known is generally controlled and presented by those already in leadership positions. Fear is the second most powerful tool used to gain a human leadership position. Currently, with the presidential conventions fully under way, naked fear created by both sides is blatantly evident on everyone’s television among all western cultures. One candidate for office is bellowing about lawlessness, terrorism, economic disaster and inequity. The other candidate is in a completely different position and uses this manufactured fear in another way. The fear fanned by this alternative candidate is about the real fear all deciders and voters should have, that the other fear-mongering candidate will be elected. The political presentation of programs to help civilization advance and to take care of modern populations are sidelined because those advances and programs cost money that must be taken from somewhere. It is perceived that it is better to present no real programs, for fear of alienating either the majority of voters (those who would benefit from the advances and programs) or the minority of voters who possess almost all the money necessary to pay for those programs, as well as conduct a successful campaign to gain leadership.

When elections are being prepared, the western cultures of today are being forced by mass media and all the candidates to regard their lives as being inadequately lived, their jobs meaningless, and the future one of grimness and worrying misery. By forcing the public to its knees, to the bottom of a mental construct of a depressed barren, and looking only downward, a savior can be seen to emerge. But the savior will not be a savior. Little in the modern complex world of eight billion competing human’s changes because of the existence or work of any single human being. Societies do not work that way, although some psychologists publish wishful papers speculating that such is true.

America is an extraordinarily successful culture. The most successful the world has ever seen. It possesses a military more powerful than all other cultures combined. It possesses a real economy (when foreign and international ownership and offshore holdings are considered) that is greater than all other countries combined. There is relatively little violence in America, no matter what is broadcast on television every day. There is almost no terrorism, little real starvation.   Medical assistance and education is available to virtually everyone. There is travel without restriction, identity proofs mostly not required. Restaurant meals are ordered without having to be paid in advance. Police, fire and paramedics come to almost all locations without restriction and at high speed. There are jobs for nearly everyone, in spite of arguments about the quality of some of them.

There are potent negatives that run like small channels through the culture, like the number of people incarcerated or branded with felonies, or the public’s vast ownership of guns, and the favoring of Caucasians over other races in too many situations. But proportionately, these negatives are few.

In truth, America needs to look up, get up and realize what it is, and what it has, before it can fully become what it has the potential to be. The naysayers of darkness and gloom need to be shouldered aside, not physically, but with a positive mindset firmly sighted upward and forward. There can be no willingness to go quietly into the night or accept that night as any kind of barrier at all. It is merely the precursor to a new day, this new day; today. Smile at your success, and then go out into the light and build upon that success for yourself and for others around you, even if they haven’t yet figured it out.
You have, so go forth.

~ James Strauss


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