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Don’t know that name? Then you must be a seasonal visitor or a tourist.
Bob and MaryAnn Pearce didn’t start the stand. Their kids did, back in the sixties when they decided to try selling corn from that corner to pay for college. Back in the day they sold three dozen ears of corn for one dollar. They wrapped the corn in old newspapers because they could not afford bags. They sold out that first year, all that corn from the corner lot, in one week. That convinced their parents that there was something, to the weekend farm stand thing, and off they went. Now, exactly fifty years later, the huge farm stand at the corner of Highway 67 and Highway F is something to behold. Everything fresh, every summer. Some of the people who come to the farmer’s market in Lake Geneva actually get their stuff at Pearce’s, not that the Geneva Shore Report wants to reveal that for the record.

Pearce’s Family Farm

The Lake Geneva Theater; the one downtown on Broad Street.
It’s coming along. Around the entrances there’s junk all over; like wood timbers, wiring, and plasterboard. You can’t go inside. The theater has suffered a bit from mixed media coverage, the Geneva Shore Report very much a part of that. Fox River Bank has put up a sign on the theater’s marquee that indicates they financed the project, on top of the slightly less than one million bucks the City of Lake Geneva parted with, that is. Fox River Bank, by the way, seems like a real quality operation. Their analysis of the refurbished theater’s chances, once all the rehab work is done, is excellent and the Geneva Shore Report wants to support that analysis.


The Geneva Shore Report.
The GSR is big on Facebook. The GSR Facebook page gets thousands of hits per day. Go onto the Internet and click into Facebook. Then enter theLike Geneva Shore report on Facebook GSR name in the title bar and voila! “Like” the page, even if you hate it, because a whole load of GSR readers hate most of what this paper prints, but cannot forego reading it. Liking the site allows you to get updates all the time. You will find two or three new video reports published every day about things both of great consequence or none whatsoever. The GSR staff is constantly on patrol looking for stuff, but because of its strange combination of poor journalistic training and inattentiveness, coupled with great company cars, high pay and ridiculously grand benefits, the product you get is what it is because, like in the Hotel California, the staff can check out, but they can never leave.

The GSR has its own website as well, and the videos appear on YouTube under the GSR title when the staff gets around to putting them up. In case you want to stop by, the GSR office (often referred to as the Daily Planet) is at 281 Sheridan Springs Road, Lake Geneva. The front desk is ‘manned’ by Gwen (the office cat) when Lisa is out following some meritorious story, with or without merit.


A Mazing!

Crop Maze In Pearce's Field

Crop Circle appears in the corn field just beyond Pearce’s Farm Stand near Highway 67 and Highway F. The ‘aliens’ who formed the circle are either supporting Hillary and Kaine or they are remaining neutral and the ‘too normal’ representation of Donald Trump accompanies Clinton. As in the coming election: you decide.


Grandest Person

Kevin at Inspiration Ministries

This terrific guy is named Kevin. Kevin is a new resident at Inspiration Ministries located at the corner of Highway 67 and F between Williams Bay and Fontana. Kevin says, in his happy voice with an ear to ear grin, that he wants to be famous. Stop in at this great resale shop, grab a cup of coffee from their new coffee shop, and meet Kevin. Be sure to ask Kevin for his autograph so he gets the feel of what it’s like to be famous.

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