There are all types of lies; damn lies, white lies, character lies and lies told to keep from causing harm or bad feelings. There are lies that protect and preserve, and there are lies that if followed lead to truths of undeniable significance, wherein the lies that were told to allow them are always denied. What kinds of lies were told to end WWII? How about all the headlines of the time proclaiming “Unconditional Surrender of Japan?” Remember those, or at least the history of those?

There was no unconditional surrender of Japan.
The Japanese got to keep their emperor, and the guy who ran Japan for awhile (Douglas McArthur) did so with many restrictions.

What about Vietnam? Even more lies, and everyone knew the lies were lies at the time. And how about the American courts where plea bargains are accepted thousands of times a day, every day of the week, in every state? The actual ‘crime’ is set aside, and the supposed perpetrator is allowed to say that he or she did something else he or she did not do. The perp swears under threat of perjury that the crime not committed was committed. Every person in the court knows the perp is lying and yet encourages the behavior. In most cases, the person standing for acceptance of the plea bargain must also apologize for having done what they did not do, in order to get a lower sentence. Again, everyone in the court system, from attorneys, prosecutors and up to the judges not only know this, but endorse and sustain it.

Are all these people not committing the crime of conspiracy to commit perjury? No, because these lies are small lies required and approved by a big system. Just as everyone has come to know that all banks pay no charge, and experience no expense for either paying or denying funding for an over-drafted account, yet the bank is allowed to charge thirty-five dollars or more in ‘punishment’ for the oversight or the attempt in each case.

What glaring commonality do the examples used here to illustrate how certain entities or persons can lie with impunity, be held to no standard of truth, and pay no penalty for the act, all have? It’s all about size. If the entity or person, such as Wells Fargo, Walworth County Court or Donald Trump tell a lie, then size matters. But only very large size. With size comes power, and power among humans means getting to tell other people what to do and when to do it, without regard to what is right, what is honorable or even what is written. If you don’t believe that then why are policemen allowed to lie to suspects? Suspects may not lie to the police without being convicted of a crime, yet every police detective uses lying as a foremost tool when questioning suspects, without fear of negative consequence. In fact, the detective lying, and as a result supposedly solving a case, is lauded as a great hero of proper policing in America.

The advent of electronic media has changed everything.
Everyone now learns about significant lies almost immediately. The resulting angst everyone is suffering today, as evidenced by the obvious support thrown behind Donald Trump (a candidate so twisted and sociopathic that mental illness among some of America’s leaders needs redefining) is not about economic imbalance, or Bernie Sanders would be a shoe in. No, the angst being demonstrated day after day on television and in print, radio and all media, is about societal anger at how most Americans are being treated unfairly. About lying. The lies told by people below a certain shifting level of power (or income) are not passed over, accepted, approved or endorsed whatsoever. A citizen who so much as tells an FBI agent that another person the FBI is seeking is not inside a building, when the person is there, is guilty of a felony and will likely receive five years or more in a Federal Penitentiary. Unless, that is, they are offered a deal and, in exchange for lying, receive a modified sentence. The litany of applicable examples is too overwhelming for the limited space allotted for the writing of this article.

A person with little power (i.e. most Americans) is not allowed to lie to any great extent. There are websites devoted to people who’ve been said to lie about all manner of things. Internet trolls (most of whom are consummate liars themselves) patrol the social media sites looking for any kind of data they can use as a bully tool to smear, harass or drive other humans to suicide with shame. The result of this imbalance, wherein it is now so easy for the average person to see that any lie they tell (or even a truth that can be made to seem like a lie!) will be met with draconian punishments, while the monster lies told by those communicating through their television, radio and newspaper coverage will only be congratulated, promoted, paid fortune, and certainly never punished at all, is creating a country that is slowly but surely being primed for all out global warfare. The great lies of our time are about to overwhelm us. The Powerball lottery winners are all insiders. The current movie stars and writers are all the children of the past stars and writers**. The banks are stealing almost every bit of money that goes into them. Homes have lost all their appreciation, or even the ability to appreciate, and yet the mortgage thieves are still thriving from their theft. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are being staged to send trillions abroad, only to be repatriated home to the wealthy one percent right back in the USA. International trade agreements have allowed most decent jobs to go abroad, while claiming to be good for the American economy. American roads, bridges, buildings and even the space program are tattered wrecks of what they once were.

The revolution portended by the likely election of another of history’s megalomaniacal monsters has already begun. The war of outrage will overwhelm the war against terror, except unlike the phony war on terror, the war of outrage is not going to be anything but real; completely and violently real. Unlike the fake war on terror (set up to transfer all that money) the war of outrage will be almost exclusively fought at home. It will be a civil war of the worst kind. The insurgency is already formed inside the hearts of all those not allowed to lie. All those who are poor, homeless, flowing out of prisons, handicapped, aged, illegal and out of a job are already at war. The only thing lacking for ignition is any kind of organization. The leadership of America’s corporations, politics and religion is no longer bothering to try and equalize the structure of the foundations causing this existent war. The foundations are what they have built, and want to continue. These leaders are only seeking to make sure the ever-growing numbers of enraged American warriors do not come together and get organized. The current assault of governmental forces upon the freedom of the Internet, social media, cell phone usage and storage, the First Amendment, freedom of travel, and public ownership of utilities and water supplies is fully underway. You know the forces of ‘evil’ (if you consider those leaders, corporations and religions attacking America from the inside ‘evil’) because you see and hear them every day. They never speak of racial injustice; they speak of state’s rights. They never speak of abortion being supported by law; they speak of women’s health and child safety. They never speak about all American jobs going overseas; they speak of efficiency, low prices and profits. They only speak of the New Testament, while living the Old Testament in detail.

As a regular ‘little’ citizen you cannot stop this war. It is here and growing in size. You can, however, recognize what’s going on, and attempt to be on the right side of it for you and your family. There will be no avoidance, but it will be possible to adapt and be flexible in how you work your way through it.

Be observant and persevere.

~James Strauss

** Interesting article about Nepotism in Hollywood

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