Letters to the Editor

Incompetence: You call yourself a reporter? There is no 1134 Broad Street, the actual address is 1134 Williams Street. Never U Mind, Lake Geneva Resident

In the space of little more than a mile: As one enters town from the south, South Lake Shore Drive becomes Baker Street, which becomes Wrigley Drive, which becomes Broad Street, which becomes Williams, which becomes Sheridan, which becomes Interchange North, which finally becomes Highway 120 as it leaves town…and that’s in the space of a little bit more than a mile! That reporter was wrong. The address was just up the street on Williams, but then, if you are a student of Lake Geneva geographic you might also note that most Lake Geneva addresses are not in Lake Geneva at all, and there are no clear demarcation points for when one street name ends and another begins. The reporter who wrote that is pretty good on the stuff that counts…editor GSR


Tiny bubbles: In your article ‘Tiny Bubbles’ you explained Winkler’s debacle by not turning off the bubblers around the Riviera in warm weather. Does this action leave the city open to lawsuits by all the vehicle owners whose cars went in the lake on that day? Or would this revert to Winkler himself for failing in his job? Ruth Hackman, Lake Geneva Resident


Not necessarily Ruth. For one thing, the bubble migration would have to be conclusively proven and that would be extremely difficult after the fact. For another thing, the city would have to be sued, which would hardly seem worth the money to the insurance companies that have already paid claims…editor GSR


Automatic driving: Does that mean that we will no longer need auto insurance? If “No One” is driving who has liability in a crash? Appears there will be a major negative impact on the revenue streams of insurance companies and attorneys. Mari, Lake Geneva Resident


Huge impact Mari. No more highway patrol, traffic signals, or companies supporting them. Also, a lot less traffic in and out of emergency rooms. Another unseen benefit; a lot less fighting in cars, and no road rage or drunk driving whatever.
editor, GSR


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