There are few humans alive in the Western world who might try to allege that almost all public communications are not scripted and rehearsed. From television productions (even the supposed reality ones are scripted) to the news (anchors only read the news written for them by someone else), and almost all speeches made by any leader in a public place, who is given a podium and a microphone. Natural spontaneity or honest reactions are almost nonexistent. A second kind of awful part about scripting is that it is almost never done by the person saying the words, but the public doesn’t fully comprehend that. Movie stars, for example, go online and are interviewed all the time about their conduct in film and video productions. The actors almost never say that they have nothing to do with the writing of whatever sequence they might have acted in. Somehow, a stonewall forehead mentality hangs over the American landscape. Speakers and actors are presumed to not just represent the words they say, but also have some of that spoken character’s disposition and intent. The fact that the screenwriters and speech writers are entirely different people is kept pretty much a secret. What with the modern teleprompters that the television people will not let be seen by the cameras, the public is led to believe that the leaders speaking to them are a lot more knowledgeable and mentally adroit than they really are.

The American public, and to a larger extent the whole world, has become the product of a management principal developed in the 80’s called “Management by Design.” Prior to this capitalistic method of controlling the mission of corporate, and then social groups, a method was used that was called “Management by Exception.” That old method could better be described as the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy. The problem with the old method was that it didn’t have forward thinking and planning as a part of it. Management by Design did, and it was so successful in replacing the older method that it spread like a fast moving cancer through all of the western world’s societal structures. Management by Design calls for the planning of every step, the back room preparation of every written and spoken word to be presented, but also includes a presentation that implies that none of that planning or ‘scripting’ is really being done. Hence the hiding of teleprompters in plain sight, but invisible to most of the public. The music industry was overwhelmed by this management system, as well. In days of old, not that long ago, singers could not lip-sync and still sell tickets to performances classified as being ‘live.’ It was strictly illegal and the hit singing group called Milli Vanilli not only split apart for not obeying that law, but they lost their Grammys. That was in the 80’s, just as management by design was sweeping across the boardrooms of corporate America. When this management method spread to music the old rules and laws went right out the window. Today, as almost everyone knows, lip-syncing is the preferred manner of presentation for all vocal entertainers and even many using instruments.

The problem with a successful management method taking over politics, which it did around the same time entire corporations and industries were being swept through with its infusion, is that objective analysis of prospective and serving leaders could no longer be gauged by watching and listening to their presentations. Today, in almost all countries where news is covered by the mass media, the people applying for leadership positions, and eventually serving in them, are readers. They read what is on the teleprompter, and in fact, are mightily criticized if they don’t follow the prepared words of the secret screenwriters.

Truth has taken a very profitable and skewed place in all of American life, and emerging life in cultures around the world. The results of physics cannot be denied, but the results of physics can certainly be lied about. It is more difficult to convince humans of things that are real, than it is to get them to believe fanciful representations of reality that are more entertaining, or possibly made to appear that they are more favorable to their comfort and even survival. The flat earth movement is bigger than ever! That’s right, there are more people on the planet who believe that the earth is somehow flat, in spite of all the evidence through the years that it certainly is not, than there have ever been before. Millions of people watch video presentations on YouTube, time after time, showing phony ‘proofs’ of the world being flat. This misrepresentation, or lying about the reality of a physical fact, is almost impossible to refute, and is an illustration of management by design. The people lying are making money from the lying. Every click someone makes on one of these sites of pure fakery pays them money. Which is their management by design.

The mass media does not make money from publishing the facts about anything. Publishing stories, or representation of the facts, takes a very distant second place to the real mission of their design. They make money by people watching their presentations or reading their material. The more people who watch or read, the more they make. There is nothing in that last sentence about objectivity, or facts, or even physics.

The guidance of the world is not being conducted through a secret sub-structure populated by a small group of humans hidden away, and protecting their fortunes. That outsider ‘conspiracy theory’ is comforting, and possibly understandable, to some. The truth, however, is a bit grimmer and harder to deal with, and much harder to do anything about. The truth is that the world is being guided by a management philosophy wherein morality, truth, justice, physics and even humanity itself are diminished to a mission founded in deception, and applied with a cruel heartlessness that is much more pervasive in its unstated goal (giving money and control to those in charge of presenting and applying it) than any small group of individuals. Until mankind can come to see that the body of its species has been invaded by a predacious and cancerous mindset, that necessarily excludes love, care, compassion, understanding, and generosity, and replaces those values with mission orientation and greed, a monumental societal cliff waits in the distance. Our species is rushing toward that cliff while being made to believe it is no cliff at all. The only way to stop this pell-mell rush toward oblivion for the entire race is to replace blind belief in anything, with each person on the planet performing independent analysis and coming to personal conclusions about everything. Don’t even believe what’s written in this article.

Figure it out for yourself. You are being lied to about nearly everything. The first step is to stop lying to yourself, about yourself. You have the ability, the capability and enough grit, motivation and willingness to pursue the kind of independent thinking that may just save the world.
~ James Strauss

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