How many times can the truth be written here, in describing the simplistic American electoral and governmental system of the United States? There are essentially two parties. The republican party has become the less popular, but vastly more powerful party, compared to the democratic party. The republican’s control most state houses, senates, governorships, supreme court majorities and the national ones, including the presidency. Popularity means nothing in this power situation.


Why would that be? Because allowing such a successful attack to take place would weaken them. And that’s it. Nothing else matters to them. All politics is local and it is local right down to the individuals involved. Just like the rest of life for the rest of humanity. Other motivation and behavior not reflective of that maxim is either temporary, pocketed or simply lied about. The people who support the awful selfishness and punishing retreat of our nation, from an ever expanding positive and developing civilization back into a cultural set of clusters more resembling what was found in the early 1800s, are simply being truthful, without knowing it, about their very own selfishness and support of this punishing retreat.

No, they don’t care, about either the nation or you. They care about themselves, and only on the most elemental and local level. You can watch MSNBC all you want, or even CNN. Those are ‘let’s make a wish‘ stations, there to make sure you continue to believe that there is any fairness or hope left in a system that has deliberately been weakened and brutally led to crush those things out. The Mueller investigation is a palliative care approach to quieting the one thing that these ‘divine right of kings’ humans fear over time…the eventual rising of those who have nothing left, and hence nothing left to lose.

We are not there yet, as a nation and a world…
But we will one day be there because there is no anthropological solution that’s ever been discovered to stop the progression of this slow social slide into the economic and sociological abyss.

So, what is to be done by those caring human beings caught up in this social and political mix-mess not of their own design? One pursuit that might be attempted is to follow in the footsteps of others who’ve gone before. Others who’ve suffered the angst and emotion of reeling from the effects of the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” Follow the lead of anthropology. Why is the study and practice of what is called the discipline of anthropology so beneficial in ways that are never even discussed or taught by the discipline disciples themselves? The single most valuable feature of becoming an anthropologist, at least the ethnologist kind (the analysis of cultures, especially in regard to historical development and similarities and dissimilarities), is the internal peace that begins to suffuse those working in the field and studying the results. That inner peace, not to be confused with the expressed outrage and passion it takes to gather and qualitatively gain the data, allows a successful anthropologist to eventually separate high from the study and application of the results of the analysis. There is no bad culture, social grouping, religion, nation or human structure on earth. As an anthropologist, one finally accomplishes the art of dropping judgement away, except in verbiage and discussion (in order to bring out more evaluative data). The second marvelously valuable learning experience offered by the study of the comparative human conditions is the deep understanding that every social grouping operates on belief systems (so well presented by Joseph Campbell), and those systems are inviolable. Everyone believes that their system is righteously correct, regardless of physical proofs that might suggest, or even absolutely prove, the contrary. This is true for ALL social groupings, not just those other than one’s own. The final great quiet value of being an anthropologist is the warm surge one feels by coming to be motivated by the attempt to ‘educate’ others about the value of understanding the unchanging, and nearly unchangeable, belief systems of those groupings surrounding their own, both near and far.

Men and women upon the earth have both been causing so much hurt and pain to one another because ‘man’ and ‘woman’ have been, and remain, in so much hurt and pain themselves. There are no better humans. There are only different humans being measured differentially, by those with different belief systems. There is no solution to this problem/situation/manifestation that might be applied in a term short enough to encompass the remainder of any currently living human’s life. But there is comfort that maybe attained through understanding. There can be no escaping the act of assigning judgement, for that is part of the human condition, also, but there can be acceptance for those things judged within wider parameters of permission than currently are considered allowable. To take a very personal slant on becoming more anthropological in approaching life itself might be vitally important. In order to experience psychological bliss or comfort, first one must accept what is (no matter how filled with violence and death), realize that it is all part of the existent human condition, and then seek to take advantage of that knowledge by manipulating the result of judgement in a way most favorable to one’s own personal outcome.

~~James Strauss


Featured image by: Oliver Emberton



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