Opinion Editorial #2

The Politics of Invasion….


Normally the Geneva Shore Report articles avoid state and national politics in order to focus on what’s happening in and around Geneva Lake, but, as 2015 begins to come to an end and 2016 looms on the horizon there are a few things that need to be said about Wisconsin, and the people who inhabit this wonderful state.

Wisconsin needs to pay more attention to Wisconsin, and consider those things that are good for its residents and visitors, and not what others outside the state believe are good for them. Currently, for example, there is a fierce race for the U.S. Senate going on between a man who used to be a Wisconsin senator, and the man currently holding the seat. Feingold is the name of the former senator, and Johnson the name of the current serving official.

Between them looms the electorate of Wisconsin, or at least one would think that this was the case because both men must face the results next year with respect to what the voters think about them. But that would presuppose that the information the voters are receiving was from the two opponents. However, many of the messages are coming from out of state. The Koch brothers have not only inserted themselves into the very being of Wisconsin’s governor, but into the delivery of supposed data about Russ Feingold.

What business do the multi-billionaire Koch brothers have being involved in who, or what, Wisconsinites might want for themselves? These boys based in Kansas, sitting out there in prairie mansions, each with more money than the annual budget for the state of Wisconsin, have business in Wisconsin all right. Oil business. Strip mining business. Sand business for fracking. If it’s dirty, if it can harm the environment, then these boys are deeply into it, and consequently deeply into the lives of all the people living in Wisconsin. The rotten things these brothers say, using the Wisconsin Club for Growth as their trumpet, are so lowly and rotten that the ads, appearing on television and the Internet, make anyone with a brain feel sick or dizzy, or both.

How is it that outsiders like this, with absolutely no stake in the people of Wisconsin can not only be publically known for what they are doing at the gubernatorial and senatorial level, but encouraged by supposedly caring elected officials?
How is it that supporters of this kind of awful, biting ruination can be tolerated by the citizens of this state?

The answer is simple.

The people don’t really know. Too many people see these kinds of ads and innocently believe what’s in them. There are no laws that make this sort of lying, obfuscating and unethical advertising illegal. The two leading republican presidential candidates for the upcoming election, have been caught lying so many times in public, that the media is now treating their behavior as humorous instead of tragic. Feingold is actually leading Johnson in the polls, in spite of the Koch’s behavior. Is there hope that maybe, just maybe, Wisconsinites are wiser and worldly enough to look through the dark lens being held up by the Wisconsin Coalition, and can see the Koch brothers sitting there like Ming on his throne on the planet Mongo. These brothers, with all their fortunes (that could be used to do so much good), act in such a darkly unprincipled and downright evil manner, need to experience some appropriate consequences. There is only one punishment a great society can bestow upon such low life scum, trying to pass themselves off as men: Banishment!

These men, and others like them, no matter what their political leanings need to be outcast from this society and culture. America is a land of opportunity, freedom and fairness, but it can only remain so if it is not corrupted from the inside by people who’ve been gifted with billions, only to turn out exactly like the character portrayed as Mr. Potter in It’s a Wonderful Life so long ago. No, the Koch brothers are not like you and I and other Wisconsinites. No, the Koch brothers do not care about the people of Wisconsin.

It is high time that Wisconsin sit up, pay attention, and forcefully tell the Brother’s Koch to go home, get the hell out, and stay the hell out of Wisconsin

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