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Lake Geneva parks are closed.
When the “stay at home” order was first given the parks were open. The playground equipment inside them was the first privilege to go, with caution tape wrapped around all the public playground equipment. This was a disappointment, but many people (maybe too many) took full advantage of the scenic walking areas of the parks instead. Lake Geneva then had a couple of weekends with very pleasant weather. Library Park and Flat Iron Park were filled with people, which caused many to voice complaints regarding the lack of compliance with the “stay at home” order, and the social distancing requirements.

After two weekends of crowds, “park closed” signs, along with orange barricades, were placed near the walking areas. The Lake Geneva Street Department crews were not excited to do this but had to comply with the orders. The idea was to discourage people from walking so close together in order to help slow the spread of the virus. The signs and orange barricades were ignored for the most part, however, and therefore rope was placed around the entirety of the parks. Some municipalities have not had issues with large crowds, so their parks have remained open.

As of Friday, April 10th, forty Wisconsin State Parks were closed, mostly located in the southeastern part of the state, which included BigFoot State Park.  This was by order of Governor Evers. The Lake Shore Path on Geneva Lake is a wonderful spot to enjoy nature and get some exercise. The path is still open, but for how long? Concerns and complaints have been received regarding the number of people, and non-compliance of the physical distancing required, that is on-going. While Walworth County Parks are currently still open, take advantage of the fresh air, a change of scenery and get some exercise.

Person of the Week

Joni Yunker

Joni Yunker is well liked and known for her wonderful diner on Wells Street. She is now Lake Geneva’s District 1 Alderperson. Congratulations Joni!

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