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Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing…
The new city council comes in, well, not exactly like the perfect storm. Rather quiet and urbane Flower replaces feisty Sarah Hill, while “Stone Wall” Wall is replaced by “Giant Footprint.” Jim Connors leaves as mayor to be replaced by Alan Kupsik, former president of the council. An alderperson position that was vacated by Alan Kupsik remains open. Who’s Kupsik going to nominate? This first act of his new administration may give everyone a good idea of what direction the city is going to take over the course of the next few years under his leadership. The mayor only votes at council meetings when the council is tied, but his or her authority over committees and all city departments is huge. Jim Connors proved to be quietly and forcefully authoritarian, and tended to side with almost any kind of development. What will Alan Kupsik’s administration portend?


The Lake Geneva Theatre renovation is underway.
It is confirmed that Shad Branen is the new owner of the building. A little over a week ago Bay Construction started the demolition and is doing exploratory surgery on the structure to find what it may need. No permits have been pulled for the renovations just yet. The roof still leaks and will have to be repaired before any interior work gets started. It will be exciting to see what’s in store for this icon of Lake Geneva. The progression of the rehab of the theatre is sure to be fun to watch, even if it is puzzling to Ken Robers since no permits have been pulled or approved with respect to the interior demolition. It would seem that everyone is so enthusiastic that Shad is sweeping in like a godsend that the normal rules are being rather loosely interpreted. Do something good for Lake Geneva and maybe, just maybe you will get that kind of treatment too.

Video of Theater Renovation



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