Hell is coming to breakfast! Lake Geneva prepares at their April 27, 2015 meeting to propose a momentous change to how they deal with the public. The proposal that is going to be launched at this meeting will affect the city and everyone who lives around it for years to come. The proposal is not to allow anyone who is not a legal resident of Lake Geneva to speak to the city council or its city leaders while it or they are in session. The leaders of Lake Geneva have apparently become tired of having other people who live around the lake vent their opinions at Lake Geneva City Council meetings and committee gatherings.

Your Voice Counts “The right of free speech will not be abridged.” The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States is where you find that sentence written. According to the Lake Geneva City Council this amendment does not apply to town meetings. There is even case law to support the outrage of public officials not having to listen to citizens not residents of the town proper they serve in. The case law is from down south, where such ‘small thinking’ ordinances originated years ago to subtly insure racial bias. The U.S. Supreme Court has not weighed in on this practice but it may get to decide the case on this issue developing right here in Lake Geneva.

The imprint of big feet. BigFoot would appear to be the motivating issue prompting the Lake Geneva City Council to pursue the muzzling of those opposed to its own viewpoint. It is becoming more and more apparent, from officials at the DNR and Jim Connors (mayor of Lake Geneva) that they have absolutely no interest in listening to opposing views about the scorched earth plan to devastate the most beautiful ambient park around the lake.

Mayor Jim Connors rises up from his faux diplomatic cover as the Gumby mayor of Lake Geneva to Mayor Jim Connors Lake Genevadon a new outfit and pick up the light saber left near where Darth Vader fell in the Star Wars movie. Mild mannered Connors appeared at a recent meeting of the Lake Geneva Environmental Agency and when asked about Plan “D,” the third plan leveled at the people around the lake to pave over BigFoot Park, and Dan Winkler’s (dictator of the Lake Geneva Utility Department) dislike of that particular plan, he said: “he likes it now.”

The Geneva Lake Use Committee, that committee created to bring together all of the lake communities, will meet on April 22, 2015. The subjects on their agenda range from regulating the “fly-boards” powered by jet-ski water pumps, the impact of boat canopy covers in affecting lake life because of their shadow casting, and the BigFoot re-route plans being proposed. Sparky Lundberg is the president of that organization. Sparky is a veteran when it comes to lake association leadership and he’s no shrinking violet. Mayor Connors is expected to bring his entourage to the meeting and perform in a similar intimidating manner as it did at the GLEA meeting. The best words of advice to offer Mayor Connors might be described in the phrase “good luck!”


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