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What of that Lazzaroni outfit, located on the south end of BigFoot Beach?
This is the family that owns Corleone’s Restaurant which closed recently following the death of Sal Sardina, the proprietor. They also run the rental boat and jet ski operation down on the south corner off piers out from that beach. The Lazzaroni family has been a key player in helping keep the Geneva Inn from becoming a bridal convention center, and building a huge edifice adjoining their wonderful hotel and restaurant on the water. The wedding chapel didn’t come across as a good idea to residents all around the lake and the Lazzaroni’s agreed, and helped stop that project, at least temporarily. So what does the family want to do now? That depends. It turns out that the family never had proper zoning to run that business. Lease out? They went to lease the parking lot in front of Corleone’s to an outfit that was going to turn it into a yachting display center. Like the one they want to build in the center of Fontana. What would that do for BigFoot’s appearance and ambiance?
The effect can’t be described as good by anyone except someone that might profit financially from the arrangement.


The Nightmare on Elm Street.
There was a fire this past January in Lake Geneva. The home that burned was a multi-occupied place that looked like a single family home from the outside, set in a single family neighborhood. It was filled with tenants, all renting their spaces quite legally. The fire department put out the fire with extraordinary courage and acumen. A baby was dropped from the roof into a fireman’s arms and that story went national. So what’s happened since? Nothing. The sulking black hulk just sits, waiting there. Maybe the owners are hoping the producers of Game of Thrones will show up to use it as some sort of aftermath of a fiery dragon attack. The place is a blight and it needs to be removed from the site immediately.

Elm Street

Burned Building on Elm St Lake Geneva

Burned Building at 1195 Elm St, Lake Geneva


Is Liz Chappell, newly re-elected city council member, correct?
Ms. Chappell has intimated that most committee and commission meetings held about Lake Geneva affairs are a waste of time. Would she and the rest of the council support a slimming down of local city government in Lake Geneva? How about doing away with the Utility Commission, that recently voted to increase rates by fifty-five percent, and simply have the new utility director report straight to City Administrator Utah Blaine. Then Blaine has to make sure the place is running as it should be, including the finances. Blaine reports to the mayor and city council. And that about says it all with respect to that little fiefdom Dan Winkler built for his own edification and enjoyment. What about the parking commission? Why not have Sylvia, the parking Wonder Woman run the whole operation and she can report to Blaine too.

Finally, the need for a police and fire commission eludes any rational thought. It was conceived so that the police department could operate without prejudice, especially in cases that might involve city leadership. But what about the Walworth County Sheriff’s for high-powered local leader or political stuff? Again, the chief of police would run, hire, fire and do what police chiefs need to do while reporting to that same gunslinger in the city administrator’s chair. Liz Chappell may well have the clearest thinking about such things since she has to live the results she learned about during her first term in office. Liz Chappell works as a hair stylist at Americuts. She hears everything there. In that hotbed of local gossip, like Bill the Barbers or Torcaso’s Shoe Shop of rumors.

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