Little Gems

John Halverson is gone.
He retired from the Lake Geneva Regional News and Rob Ireland was appointed to take over as Managing Editor. The Regional News is owned by a media empire founded in Racine, of which the LGRN is only a small part. John was a good man running a tight ship. The Geneva Shore Report didn’t agree with many of the stands the Regional News took, but there was still a lot of respect there. John has decided to take a “Charles Kuralt” kind of car trip around the nation to visit and see, and hopefully write about, many of the places he never got around to visiting and seeing. The Geneva Shore Report cannot wish him anything but happiness and success with whatever he may be in pursuit of out there. The direction the Regional News will take with Ireland at the helm is anybody’s guess. Incidentally, if you ever are in need of a Lake Geneva Regional News issue then you can get one at the headquarters of the Geneva Shore Report. You need all the news you can get these days, and so does the Geneva Shore Report.


Debbie Fischer is history.
The city building inspector made famous when she began threatening to issue citations for small businesses showing flags in front of their stores is moving on. The details of her leaving are murky, at best. On the Internet, Debbie appeared to defend the city as the city’s spokesperson, which probably did not go down very well with City Administrator “Utah” Blaine. Blaine has proven to be a class act in working to bring the city into running like a fine oiled watch. He does not appear to be the kind of leader that would not speak out on the city’s behalf if such a spokesperson was called for, although he might defer to Alan Kupsik, another man who, although reserved and taciturn, speaks his mind and is very dedicated toward making Lake Geneva a better place to live. Debbie will not be missed by most of the small businesses in Lake Geneva. Ken Robers will have to interview and search to find someone for Debbie’s old position who has the Wisdom of Solomon, the intellect of Hawking and no personality or opinion whatsoever. The person who actually has to go around and make sure everyone is playing by the same rules has a tough task, just ask any of Lake Geneva’s parking enforcers.


Is TIF4 really dead?
That is supposed to be voted on by the city council. What will their decision be, since the county told them to end the thing? The county was paid back some of the money held in TIF accounts. The City of Lake Geneva, under the tutelage of Lake Geneva’s never-ending city attorney Dan “The Don” Draper, sent the county a letter with the money telling them that they might be in need of it a bit later on, after the public hoopla (mostly risen by the Geneva Shore Report) dies down. The county sent a letter back, accepting the money and telling Lake Geneva to suck eggs. They’re keeping the money. Draper is in the position he puts so many private citizens of Lake Geneva in, not to mention small businesses. The county is really telling him: “so sue us.” Entertaining to observe, if not necessarily good for Lake Geneva. The Lake Geneva City Council voted on Monday night to close out TIF4 so there will be no new taxes added to city taxpayer bills during this coming year and the remaining TIF funds must be dispensed within sixty days.

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