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The Geneva Inn/Hummel conspiracy.
The Geneva Shore Report has sort of alleged that there is a big developer in the dark, just waiting to swoop down and absorb the Geneva Inn if the Inn can get annexed to Lake Geneva (from Town of Linn), and gain the ability to develop property right down to the water’s edge. Well, it seems that 224 acres of the Hummel property, the back stuff over there by Highway 120 (the Bypass) are on the auction block. When the realtor was called (Hoffman Properties) he said they’d take seventeen million for the whole 775-acre parcel. He would not say whether that amount of the Hummel property, actually owned by Hummel and two others, right across the road from the Inn was part of the deal. The realtor refused to answer that question in such a way that it appears there may still be a lake access for a bit of the property in the mill. Right now, though, the sighting of a UFO hovering over the lake might have a bit more credibility than a GSR story about this confluence of developers intending to turn Lake Geneva into a bigger version of the Dells.


The summer shoplifters showed up at Overland Sheepskin on Main Street.
They weren’t the brightest of thieves, but such retail thieves seldom are. They were shoplifting heavy coats, in expectation (it is presumed) that the summer is going to be very cold, indeed. How did they get caught, other than that they looked a little bit too much like the Teletubbies when they left the store? They were under full video surveillance, recorded from several very prominent video cameras, and these recordings, of course, were turned over to the police. One still shot shows one of the shoplifters looking up at one of the cameras in shocked anger.

Shoplifters Identified

Thieves Identified Lake Genva


Finch Taqueria.
Yes, that place over there at the south end of BigFoot Beach, on the Lazarroni bit of land sitting there between the water and the Hummel property. Finch is done as a restaurant. The third to go down in that location in as many years.   What’s coming? The rumor mill is running at full tilt in discussing (under the covers) a boat club coming in. The piers at the boat rental area, right across South Lake Shore Drive, are there and available. Put a bunch of neat boats in, and then do the time share thing with boats. Put the restaurant upstairs and the clubhouse downstairs. The people from Chicago can come up all summer long to spend their time on the boats, and then eat at the private restaurant. That’s what the rumor mill has to say. The truth is still unknown.


The Parts Place

Parts Place

The Parts Place, 20 East Walworth Street, has been a fixture in Elkhorn for thirtyfour years. Jack, his wife Janet, and son Scott are as well known and loved as their store. Every inch of this family owned and run business is covered in parts. It’s sort of like going down into a WWII submarine or maybe visiting a really well-equipped dungeon back in time. It’s amazing they don’t charge admission to visit and tour this wonderful throwback to another era.



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