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The outrage of property tax assessment on all the stuff a business keeps on its premises to do business. From tables and chairs to computers, toilet paper and you name it. That’s right, the City of Lake Geneva, through the auspices and collection power of the State of Wisconsin, assesses everything you keep in your business or office and then taxes the hell out of it even though the business owner paid sales taxes to purchase the stuff. And the property tax assessment goes on year after year. On ten grand worth of stuff anyone might have on hand laying around a business, the tax is about three hundred dollars. Over the course of thirty years the city collects the entire value of whatever has been taxed. They send you forms in the mail to approximate the worth of the stuff you have and if you don’t return there promptly the assessors simply guess. There’s nothing you can do to fight it except quit and move to a more business friendly town and state. Most states don’t tax personal property of business owners.

Does the city make any money, as it attempts to assure that the amount put down as value is accurate? That’s anybody’s guess. Maybe this is another area like private parking collected by city employees. People should simply start putting down a hundred bucks of value no matter what they have and let the city attempt to sort it out. Good luck on that. And where’s the money going? Of the almost seven million collected in Lake Geneva the city only gets around nine hundred grand. Oh, Gateway gets one point two million dollars, up from two hundred thousand last year (with no explanation for that crap either). TIF is in there, but it’s not discussed or mentioned anywhere. Isn’t it nice that the “non-taxing” republican party is in control of Wisconsin?


The Sal Sardina apology.
Sal died last week of cancer. He did not die from the effects of reading the story about him that appeared in the Geneva Shore Report. Why was that story inflammatory? Because it was materially wrong. The place Sal was tied up and running for some years and that had questions about his financial handling of their affairs was the Cove, not Bella Vista. A big difference. There are no financial complaints coming out of the Bella Vista, only a developing civil lawsuit over a sex discrimination accusation. The GSR is not alleging that the sex discrimination lawsuit is not newsworthy. The GSR is only apologizing and admitting that it got the places in the story confused which, although possibly understandable or acceptable, certainly might be forgivable. Might be.


The rumors about the closing of Corleone Restaurant, located at the base of BigFoot Beach, are true.
The place is history. Sal Sardina ran it and Sal has passed on. The building itself is owned by the Lazaroni family that lives in the high house up on the bluff across from South Lake Shore Drive. The Lazaroni’s once operated a restaurant out of that building themselves, to the same fate. No restaurant that’s ever gone into that property has made it, and nobody can quite figure out why. Maybe it’s too far off the beaten path from Lake Geneva traffic. Maybe the winters are too lonely and cold. Or it may be just one of those places where restaurants are doomed to fail.

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