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Those pesky small illegalities allowed, well actually confirmed, by the City of Lake Geneva.
It’s illegal to co-own parking meters, with ownership shared by the city and private property owners. It’s not illegal to co-own, actually, but it is illegal to collect fees for parking and then punish violators who do not pay at the co-owned meters by going after their state driver’s license or auto registration. Private citizens cannot be extended those powers, either personally or by joining in partnership with the city. But it’s being done and supported with city attorney Dan Draper’s approval.

It’s illegal by ordinance to provide the Grand Geneva with water without that entity being a part of the City of Lake Geneva. But it’s being done and has been for years, with the approval of city attorney Dan Draper.

It’s illegal for the private entity, known as the tourism commission, to collect taxes of any kind and then spend the taxpayer money any way it sees fit. But it’s being done, and again with the approval by city attorney Dan Draper. In Wisconsin, private entities, whether of a for-profit nature or not-for-profit, have no power at all to tax anyone, and this operation, by corporate protective nature, has no audit accountability to the city or anyone else.

Meanwhile, back at the office, Dan Draper is set to hear and possibly mitigate the tickets that were handed out to Bob from the Beach House, Ruth from the Kite Shop, Tom Pikel and others, because they “broke the law” and put merchandise out in front of their stores against what’s written in a local ordinance. It might behoove all those being “mitigated” to mention that they are cutting out this article and going to hand it to the judge when such mitigation does not work out. America has a policy that’s normally termed ‘fair treatment under the law.’

And oh, how do all those illegalities exist in such a rigidly run and controlled county in the State of Wisconsin? Anyone complaining is encouraged to file suit against the city, which has a likely price tag of at least $25,000.00 in legal fees, going in, for each complaint.

Maxwell Stree Days Success

Maxwell Street days., Lake Geneva

Maxwell Street Days brought people out in droves and all of the businesses had a great selection of merchandise to choose from.

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