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The first real storm of the winter: Lake Geneva woke up on Monday morning to find rain and ice falling from the sky. Snow forced its way into the mix by mid-day, and near blizzard conditions built up as the day moved into early evening. The near freezing temperatures descended into the darkness with the snow tailing off before midnight. Lake Geneva shut down and went to sleep, but Tuesday morning was laying in wait. Four to five inches of snow and ice greeted those first up and out into the late white Christmas weather.

Maureen Marks:
Although the Geneva Shore Report no longer endorses political candidates (every last one the GSR endorsed back in the ‘old days’ lost!) Maureen Marks has to be recognized as an amazing woman. With degrees all over the place, her own successful bed and breakfast in town, and her hard scrabble attitude in attending city council meetings to speak her mind, this woman is special. Whether she will be running unopposed in the 1st District of Lake Geneva is undetermined at this time. Sarah Hill has been the Alderperson serving the first district for a good number of years (ever since the GSR has been around), and it appears she will be running for mayor instead of attempting to keep her seat on the council. There is still plenty of time for others to file papers at the municipal building. Jeff Wall is not running to retain his seat so there is another opening for that spot. Mr. Wall, with that most appropriate last name, is thawing himself right out of office, although his last name might more appropriately have been “No.” Lots of change is coming to Lake Geneva city government in this new year, and so far it all appears to be change for the good.

What are these two Alderperson’s up to?
The Lake Geneva City Council meeting on Dec.28 was cancelled because of bad weather and has been rescheduled for December 30th at pm. On that agenda was item no. 14 as follows: “14. Discussion/Action on request from Alderman Chappell and Alderman Hedlund to amend Zoning Ordinance Sections 98-206(b) and 98-206(p)”

Note: The agenda Item did not properly note that the Section (4) was missing, as could some other number.  It would be interesting to know why the two alderpersons requested a discussion on these two ordinances:

98-206 (4) (b) Personal or Professional Service

                  98-206(4) (p) Sexually-Oriented Land Uses

Are Chappell and Hedlund up to something personal, or are they merely favoring potential developers who might be interested in encouraging “stimulating” kinds of businesses to be located in Lake Geneva. The next city council meeting will be well attended by Geneva Shore Report X-Files investigators.


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Winter Cartoon Terry O'Neill


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