Little Gems

Bulging with exploding trash:
The alleys of Lake Geneva occasionally suffer abuse from both the businesses that rent trash dumpsters, and the trash dumpster people themselves. There is a never-ending battle going on in stinky silence, as the businesses seek to save money by not having their dumpsters constantly emptied, and by the trash hauling companies wanting to bill (about sixty bucks per pickup) as many pickups as they can. The Geneva Shore Report identifies with the businesses simply because it is so hard to gauge how many pickups might be needed for any given period, and also how to budget for an expense that can skyrocket out of control, only to be noticed when the bill is due.
The GSR, when it was building into its offices at 281 Sheridan Springs Road in Lake Geneva had twenty-two pickups in one month.   That bill was over thirteen hundred dollars. The budget for trash hauling was a hundred and twenty a month. The need for the hauling was there but the money was not. At least it wasn’t at that time. Why can’t the city pay for a fixed amount of trash hauling with funding coming from parking revenue. The current parking rate is one dollar an hour, which is pretty low if you take into account how important it is that Lake Geneva look and smell great at all times.

Mixed Grill:
It would appear at the time of this writing that the Lake Geneva mayoral battle will be fought on three fronts. The inimitable, irascible and high energy Sarah Hill, current Alderperson of some stature and experience, will face off against Alan Kupsik, another Alderperson not quite as adept or adroit, but betting money would be on Kupsik by a landslide. Jim Wilson is the sidebar outsider, coming in from the flank. A bright successful resident of Lake Geneva with an agenda that falls somewhere between intelligent development and no development at all. When it comes to local businesses he’s fully onboard. When the Mixmaster begins rotating the local drum of political action, which of these candidates is going to fall out, and then what is the winner going to be set into? The current mayor, Jim Connors, ran the office with more gravitas and macho than almost any mayor before him. Committee members and councilors alike pretty much did what he told them to do. Jim looked like a mayor, talked like a mayor and acted like a mayor, even if he did little in the way of enlightened leadership when it came to creative direction.
What will Sarah Hall do?
What might Alan Kupsik do?
And what could be expected from a Jim Wilson term in office?


Grandest Place

The Red Geranium Lake Geneva

The Red Geranium. Get Verna as your waitress if you can. She’s been there forever and knows the menu, cooks and the rest of the place. The photo is of the glass porting of the floor looking down upon a conference table in the room below. Eerie to walk on the glass.


Grandest Person

Maureen Marks Alderman Candidate Lake Geneva

Maureen Marks, the candidate for Alderperson of the 1st District in Lake Geneva upon hearing that the Geneva Shore Report could not support her candidacy. Her main degrees allowed her to instantly understand her good fortune. She’s one tough, wonderful woman of high intellect.

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