You are reading this today because you are enjoying the benefits of billions of years of creation, a billion years of evolution, and the accumulative efforts of a billion people who lived before you. People who developed the methods, understanding and technologies that make today’s civilization possible. Furthermore, you are one of only 5% of the free people that have ever lived on earth, and you are reading this in English because of the millions who risked, or have given, their lives for you. As you benefit from what has preceded you, perhaps you might also consider adding to the benefit of those around you and who will follow you. We need honest people in government, and the only way to get honest people in government is for honest people to take active participation in it. No amount of money, supervision or enforcement can make people be honest, because honesty comes from within a person.

Lake Geneva needs Alderpersons who will represent the people of Lake Geneva, because Lake Geneva is its people; not the buildings, not the structures, not even the lake, nor the cosmetic image that the realtors and the Chamber of Commerce portray. We, the residents of Lake Geneva, are the city. Without people, there is no city, only ghost towns and archeological digging sights. Cities far greater than Lake Geneva have been driven into oblivion by development.

Please consider running for your district’s Alderman seat. Don’t say that you are not qualified. As far as qualifications for being an Alderman, if you are qualified to be on a jury and determine the fate of another person’s life, then you are also qualified to evaluate and make decisions on city issues of far less importance. Yes, an honest person may make the wrong decision (nobody is perfect), but whether it is my fate or the fate of the city, I want an honest person to make that decision. Now is the time to sign up to run in the spring election.

Just go to City Hall and tell them that you want to run for Alderman of your district, and they will give you a packet that explains what you need to do to run.

Alderman Candidates Lake Geneva

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