December 9, 2015





Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer hasn’t been seen yet, but some of his pals have come to Lake Geneva to hang out with the kids until the big night. The reindeer come out every Saturday (all day) to wander about the patio fronting 252 Center Street in front of the Geneva Java Coffee Shop. The reindeer are a continuing success, and will be back every Saturday until Christmas.

This last Saturday, the Electric Christmas Parade had eighty-four entries flowing down Broad Street and then turning west onto Main. That’s more entries than the Rose Bowl Parade! Of course, the entries included some rather strange “Christmas” vehicles like cement mixers painted to look like fat juicy candy canes, and other ‘shake your head’ country stuff. The entire parade was a grand success with local citizens and visitors, who lined the street five and six deep. In keeping with the season, there was no trouble in Lake Geneva.

The local police and fire departments take justifiable pride in how they handle the crowds, the celebratory drinking, and even some of the crowd members who don’t want to obey the most simple rules of good behavior.

Is Mr. Pollard going to give a great Christmas gift to the City of Lake Geneva by dropping his plans and advertisements to have every one of his four hundred and fifty older person’s condos (starting at age 55 which isn’t really old, but it means ‘no kids’) gain lake access for the boats? It’s now being said they won’t really own boats because of their age.

  • Fifty-five-year-old people, and older, don’t own boats?
  • Who else can afford the kind of Streblow, Hacker and Riva wooden boats the lake is littered with?

A hundred thousand dollars, in cold hard cash, is a bit difficult for most younger people to come up with. Mr. Pollard does not have to wrap his Christmas gift, he simply needs to verbalize it, and join esteemed mayor Jim Connors (no nickname), Dan Draper (nickname withheld), and the members of the Lake Geneva Planning Commission who turned away Mr. Ford’s attempt to build his fake lake on the wonderfully pristine Hillmoor acreage.

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