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There’s no salt anywhere to be had.
“Right-now” is the expression used by most retailers in discussing what kind of inventory to carry for meeting customer demands for goods. That expression does not mean that the retailers, from Home Depot to Dunn’s or even Lowes, carry enough inventory to meet customer needs in high demand times. It means that the retailer saves money by not inventorying too many items that are not sold. They instead get the material or goods “right now” for meeting demands. Unless every other retailer is after the same supplies. That is what has happened this year in the Lake Geneva area. Salt, or snow-melt, is the product, and salt is in such high demand with this brutal winter weather that the retailers can’t get the stuff. Hence, the public can’t get it either.   Once again, on Monday night, the area was bombed from the sky, with about six inches, or more, of snow, cascading down to add white fluffy insult to white fluffy injury. And no salt to be had anywhere. It is fortunate that the city and other communities around the Geneva Lake area acquire great quantities of salt to take care of the roads. There still seems to be plenty of that available, so everyone can still drive safely.   But moving around to find and purchase salt is not likely to be an achievable goal in the near future.

Low on Salt


Instacart is coming.
Instacart is coming to Lake Geneva and the surrounding areas very soon. Aldi is already on board and Piggly Wiggly and Walmart are in the process of partnering with Instacart as well and should be up and running in less than two weeks. If you don’t know what Instacart is; they are an online grocery delivery company. All you need to do is place an order and an Instacart personal shopper will do the work for you, including delivering your groceries to your door. If you are concerned about extra fees, and that it won’t be affordable, the minimum order is ten dollars with a two-hour delivery wait for a charge of $3.99. For only an hour’s wait, it’s a $5.99 fee. Prices of the actual grocery items could be a bit higher but remember you are paying for the convenience and just like any other service there is going to be mixed reviews. Instacart could completely change the way you shop for groceries.

Winter Ice

Winter Ice in Lake Geneva

Needless to say, Mother Nature has left an amazing amount of ice on us this January!


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