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In the meeting of the Committee of Whole meeting on Feb. 4th, several issues important to residents were presented.
The traffic report on the Dunkin Donut/gas station was distributed to the members of the city council and it was stated that the issue will be on the city council agenda on Feb. 11th; however, as of the 10th it was not listed on the city council agenda, so will it be discussed? The issue had been tabled which means that it takes a motion from an alderperson to bring the issue off the table, which needs a second, followed by a majority vote to bring it off the table to then be discussed and voted on. Since the lack of the traffic report was the purported reason for tabling the issue, the Dunkin Donut/gas station issue should be brought off the table and the voted on.

A second issue brought up at the Committee of the Whole (COW) was the reconfiguration of Popeye’s five lots. Popeye’s is requesting that the three lots on which the restaurant sits be united into one lot and that the other two lots be united into the parking lot. This issue needs to go to the plan commission and while there is no logical reason for denial, one may wonder if there might be an issue overselling the two lots because the value of the two lots exceeds the parking benefit that they add to the restaurant. If those two lots are combined and sold, then what could be built between Oak Fire and Popeye’s Restaurant?

A third issue brought up at the Committee of the Whole was the money that the city received for selling the black walnut tree trunks that the city had cut down. This was presented in a good move by the head of the street department and he should be commended for it, but like all good moves in the city where money is involved, one sometimes wonder why it hadn’t been done or thought of before? What happened to all the trees cut down before these? A few were infected with a disease and needed to be destroyed, and some were of no commercial value, but some could have commercial value and been used for lumber or even sold for firewood. To the city’s list of things to watch we can now add city trees to the list that already includes found money in the fountain, the disposition of scrap, disposition of salt and the storage of personal storage on city property.

A fourth issue brought up at the Committee of the Whole was bought up in the public comments and was about the seriousness of the Starry Stonewort infestation and the devastating effect that it has on lakes, and the urgency for the city to take an active role in eliminating it before it spreads from the Trinke Estates lagoon into the rest of the lake.


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