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Liz Chappell, one of Lake Geneva’s most uniquely intelligent council members, calls it quits.
Known for her crochet work while sitting through one

Elizabeth Chappell

Liz Chappell. City of Lake Geneva Alderperson not seeking re-election

boring council session after another, and also for failing to show up at committee meetings from time to time, this iconic Lake Geneva representative also became momentarily famous for making a stand in favor of the Friends of Hillmoor by voting to oppose the developers attempt to change the comprehensive plan. The developer was momentarily stopped in his tracks, and the supporters of an attempt to take back the former golf course for public use were energized by a speech Liz gave to the assembled citizens at the council meeting where her swing vote, and expressed attitude, changed everything. Liz basically threw in with the assembled citizens, and by so doing almost assured her re-election. But Liz has never been, and now proves once again, anything like a normal politician. Liz Chappell is a woman of her own making and follows a drummer only she can hear, and that drummer in the distance is not beating the drums for her continuance in office. She will be missed.



So far, after carefully analyzing all the data available on the Foxconn job situation, it appears that the State of Wisconsin is about to pay Foxconn to hire people. The 13,000 jobs, supposedly to be made available to local people (and others, of course, as this is America), will be costing around $180,000 per job, in subsidies, infrastructure build to accommodate, and tax breaks. That’s the state expense. It will cost even more per job if local expenses are calculated and factored in. Why not simply find 13,000 employees in the Racine area and give them the money? They’d likely spend it all locally. Why count on Foxconn to do anything, much less keep its word, which it’s never really done to any other community it has offered itself to? How low has Wisconsin stooped to get to this level of really poor mathematical calculation and probability? Why should Wisconsin have to absorb the single largest taxpayer handout in history? The only thankful part of this article is that praise God, Foxconn is not coming anywhere near Geneva Lake.

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Monica Clausen Lake Geneva

Monica Clausen, a great massage therapist at Therapeutic Touch, at 601 Main Street in Lake Geneva, loves sharing her knowledge of massage therapy, the history of her retail space, and the benefits of a therapeutic touch. If you are feeling Stressed be sure to stop by and make an appointment. Monica’s also a delightful woman

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