Little Gems

A small contingent of Minnesota snow carvers used Trump as the main feature of its carving exhibit. The caricature of Trump is not kind, but then most caricatures are not. The snow carving team did accomplish one Trump-like goal, however, and that was to garner national attention for doing almost nothing at all. The entire internationally attended and acclaimed annual snow carving event’s public attention outside of the Geneva Lake area itself has become rooted in this rather meaningless gesture of a snow carving, as was the intent. However, at what point is the free expression of art to be limited?

Trump on Ice


Fiber optics for all the schools, but not you.
It’s like that popular song of last year, in which the lyrics are sung: “…I’ll do anything you want…except that.” The schools are about to get WIFI that is blindingly fast. Currently, most of downtown Lake Geneva is ruled by DSL, which gives up about 10 megabits of download speed. That’s ten a second. At home, if you live out of the city and have cable, or have cable in the city, then you might get 50 MPS. Jurassic Park, the movie, can be downloaded in 9 minutes at 50. 39 minutes at 10. With fiber, the download would take 35 seconds. Now that is fast indeed! Installing fiber optics means no more slowing because of piled up data flowing to other users. The fiber does not notice such things. When are the people of Lake Geneva going to get fiber? When they stand up and demand to get what their children are being provided by the school system. And, since the fiber cables are installed already, running to the schools, it would be much, much cheaper to use the same cables for whole neighborhoods.

Fiber Optics


Bridget Leech, the whirling dervish wonder of the BID.
This woman has done an incredible job with the BID since it brought her aboard last year. When she started, the GSR immediately made her the grandest person of the week and it is such a pleasure to see that that determination was more than accurate. This woman made the “shop small” effort a huge success in Lake Geneva. She almost single-handedly put on the Brunk Pavilion Christmas gathering, and that worked wonderfully well (even though the GSR sort of insulted the choice of the rather smallish tree).

Winterfest was enlivened by her participation in the “Cocoa Crawl,” and it was a big success because of what she did over at the Geneva theater for the children. Bridget’s title is “Executive Director of at Lake Geneva Business Improvement District.” Currently, Bridget is all about creating a renewed effort to rebuild the heart and spirit of small business activity in and around the City of Lake Geneva. Ed Svitak, the new director of Visit Lake Geneva is another one of Lake Geneva’s proponents doing a fantastic job. The combination and entwining of their efforts are going to be something to behold.

Lake Geneva Winter Fun

Lake Geneva Winter Fun

The lake is frozen solid, or close to it, near the shoreline and everyone is enjoying that effect of this hard winter.

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