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Hammer time!
She didn’t want her name used for this story, but this hardy thoughtful woman took a hammer in her own hands and went out to do what the city was failing to do. She beat the hell out of her ice, which was determined to be the city’s ice (because she was threatened with a citation for messing with city ice if she continued). The city plowed after the Hammer lady did her thing in spite of dire threats. The same mess she was trying to clear was then dumped right back in front of her house by a street department plow!

The city does not let citizens dump their snow or ice on city property. When the hammer woman’s son went out to get rid of the city’s snow and ice for a second time he was told by a local police officer that if he gave the city back it’s rightfully owned snow, that he would be ticketed. Both the hammer lady and her son are holed up watching Packer previews for the game with Arizona, because they are afraid that if they drive their car over the ‘city owned’ pile of ice and snow at the foot of their driveway they’ll be cited for crushing city snow without heart or remorse.


The old-timer Frank and the Senior Cab Company have this thing.
Frank gets picked up at the Chateau Royale Motel where he spends disability money to pay his own way. Nobody takes care of the old time vet, but the old time vet himself. The Senior Cab Company picks Frank up every day and deposits him at the front of Piggly Wiggly on the north side of Lake Geneva. Frank borrows a cart from Piggly Wiggly (the pig people wink and let Frank have what he needs), loads his bags of stuff, and makes his circle. Frank makes a circuit down the sidewalk and hits all the local stores, collecting cans and whatever cast offs he can find. Senior Cab waits in the parking lot for Frank to do his daily routine.

What’s this story about? Survival, endurance, quiet community involvement and support, with nobody claiming to provide anything at all. None of the participants would sit still for a photo. Not Frank, not Senior Cab, and not Piggly Wiggly. Which is a credit to all three entities.
The community of Lake Geneva is better off because of this kind of unsupported and hard-bitten tribal activity going on behind the scenes.


Grandest Person of the Week

Jim Sharkus Brunos Lake Geneva

Jim Sharkus, owner/operator of Bruno’s Liquor on Main Street. Not your ‘normal’ liquor store because Sharks isn’t a normal guy. Friendly, expressive and filled with tons of local lore he’s willing to share at all times. The place was built by his family in the 40s and then rebuilt when a fire swept through to its present configuration. Go in and meet Jim. You won’t be sorry. And his stuff is pretty good too.


“Who’s running for what” in the coming Lake Geneva election (the election of April 5, 2016)?
Alan Kupsik will be the next Lake Geneva Mayor because when everyone else marginally interested bailed out, Alan was left floating there with only one oar. Daniel Draper will also be the next city attorney because nobody else qualified to run, wanted to be known as Lake Geneva’s City Attorney, given Dan’s tarnishing of the position. Elizabeth Chappell will have her hands full (instead of crocheting) with Maureen Marks running against her in the first district. Maureen has better ideas for how to use those crochet hooks at council meetings. Doug Skates, the planning commission developer’s dream, will be the next Alderperson in district two, replacing Jabba the Wall who presided there (sans princess and chain). Bob Kordus, purported to be best friends with Donald McDonald Trump, will be the next Alderperson in district three. Finally, the inimitable Sarah Hill will be taken on by Cindy Flowers in the fourth district, the only contested election that might include either heavy scented oils or warmed fertile mud.


Grandest Place of the Week

Constant Cravings Lake geneva

Claire & Brett running Constant Cravings. Popcorn so fresh you hear it popping from out in the street…and the owner’s ‘pop’ too! Great stuff. Great people!

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