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Gasoline prices continue their descent:

Lower gas prices

SUB-$1 GAS RETURNS: 78.9 cents per gallon- the current #gasprice at a station in Houghton Lake, Michigan
From: 60Patrick DeHaan

Gasoline has gone down to one dollar and seventy-four cents ($1.74.9) a gallon in Lake Geneva (as of Monday morning) while the price of oil hovers at twenty dollars a barrel. Gasoline in Michigan has begun selling at less than a dollar a gallon ($.78.9 a gallon in Houghton on Monday), and prices everywhere else are expected to drop toward that level. The bottom fell out of the energy market as stupendous fracking success took place across the U.S., while new reserves were discovered in many other parts of the world and the Arab’s increased production to pay the rising spending costs that have been catching up with them. As with all economic news these days, the descent of gas prices has been portrayed as bad news for everyone. The stock market is way down, supposedly led by this gas price descent. Highways and bridges are crumbling because of less tax income from gas taxes.

There is no end to the bad news, except for one thing. Go in and fill up your car and start to smile. You can generally do that now for less than thirty dollars and quite possibly soon for less than twenty dollars. Think about how you don’t really care about oil profits, stock market losses or any of that junk when you don’t have to part with cold hard cash at the pump. January may be the coldest month of this winter, except for that warm fuzzy spot in your pocket, or your purse, where your wallet remains quite cozy and full.


Wishing Well, the little bookstore on Center Street, one door up from Chicago Pizza, is for sale.
And don’t go there thinking you are going to take pictures of their inventory. They don’t allow that and it’s quite legal for them to post signs all over the place indicating dire consequences to anyone taking photos inside. What kind of books do they sell, anyway? Evidently the kind of books they don’t want photos taken of!
Actually, they don’t sell “those” kinds of books.
Most of the inventory is made up of children’s books. The GSR X-Files investigator assigned to checking the place out remembered that. There were no signs posted about remembering stuff.


Michael Chartoff of the Chartoff group ties with OSI

Ex-DHS chief Michael Chertoff accepted payments from Rapiscan, even as he was promoting paying the contractor millions of dollars in body scanner contracts. [Image Source: DHS]

You know those people at the airport who know the depth of the meaning of the word frisk, have gotten tired of feeling everyone up.

There’s now a new TSA directive. Those big machines where you used to have to hold your hands up and it would X-Ray your entire body? They’re still there at all the airports (Michael Chertoff, the former head of Home Security has had Close Ties to Rapiscan ). You used to be able to ‘opt-out’ and be physically patted down or frisked instead of going through the big machines and experiencing unknown amounts of X-Ray radiation (by law the TSA does not have to and does not tell you how much).

The new directive means that there is no opt-out unless the TSA feels like letting you opt-out. Seems that the small percentage that were knowledgeable enough to opt-out, instead of enduring cumulative dosages of X-Ray radiation, will now have to join everyone else. Get ready to endure more as this monopolistic airline behavior becomes even more ridiculous, miserable and downright boorish.


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