Dick Malmin goes to jail.
There are some pretty lousy municipal judges sprinkled among the many wonderful ones or even the ones who are simply mediocre. A while back, the GSR staff went out on a boat to save another boat that had run up upon the rocks just at Lake Geneva’s downtown beach. A Lake Geneva Police officer showed up and began acting like a piece of commanding garbage. He wanted to first sacrifice the boat on the rocks and then Mr. Malmin’s boat, the boat the GSR had launched to save the first one. And that officer could have cared less for the safety of all aboard Mr. Malmin’s boat, ordering the passengers to offload on the wave beaten rocks and make their own way to shore. That officer did not get one drop of lake water on his unshined shoes. Instead of merely shutting up and going away, that officer wrote Mr. Malmin a ticket for unsafe boating.

Mr. Malmin, when he found out that the lousy judge in Williams Bay was fining him without even paying attention to what really happened, decided to take the two-day jail sentence at county instead of paying the $93.00. Last Friday night he was taken into custody, but the sheriffs, being Cool Hand Luke kinds of guys and gals, sprung Malmin the next morning. That judge is still over there, dealing his amateur deck from under the table and making life miserable for so many coming to the lake to have a good time. The Lake Geneva Police force writes hundreds of ridiculous ‘wake disturbance’ tickets a month during the summer. That judge gives one and all a drum head trial and then the subsequent fine for doing little or nothing. Don’t pay the fine, go to jail for two days so that the county can absorb that cost (about $2000 to intake, dress, feed, house and then release a prisoner). Sure makes a lot of financial sense, does it not? How about hiring a bill collector for a commission and then getting rid of the judge, if not the whole inexperienced Lake Geneva Police Department. The officer that cited Malmin admitted in court that he’d only been out on the lake once in his two years on duty!

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