Little Gems

South Lake Shore Drive is done.
Now comes Highway 50. Is the construction about to begin on Highway 50 in front of the Utility Department running on up to the top of Catholic Hill going to be like what happened on South Lake Shore Road recently? Is the highway to be left open with near drooling idiots directing traffic? How Lake Geneva avoided a major injury accident, occurring on South Lake Shore Drive during WillKomm’s tenure as the contractor there, is beyond good fortune. It is more like an act of God. Is Highway 50 going to turn into the great Southwest Dust Bowl of Lake Geneva, as the highway is ripped apart and an extra useless (and in some parts dangerous) lane is put in? Dan “Piggy Bank” Winkler will be over there at the Utility Department staring out his window, as the project goes down. Will he be smiling as he slowly fills his cardboard box in preparation for his coming departure? Will he be leaving on the new asphalt to be laid down before his tenure is up only to transfer his effects over to the usual crony gift agency (police and fire commission). Maybe it will be the “Anything but!” Conservancy. Dennis “I’m Still Kicking” Jordan, former city administrator who preceded Jordon on the Long March is in both spots, ideally placed to welcome him over to the dark side.


Just bring your hookah. Library Park.
Saturday and Sunday mornings. Yes, there’s a lot going on that many citizens don’t know about. Geneva Shore Report investigators are lurking about the town on weekends (and at every other time) trying to fill the sleeping citizenry in, however. Hookah’s are those things some people use to smoke tobacco (among other substances). They are glass bottles with tubes and holes to allow for the ‘softening’ effect of the smoke pulled through cool water to make smoking more comfortable. They look funny when used, like somebody working very hard to conjure up a genie to do mischief, but they apparently have some charm. They are not illegal, as long as scents and tobacco are all that’s fed into them, so if you show up in library park and see a lot of people looking a bit strange (in attire and style) puffing away on tubes poking out of glass jars, you’ll know what its all about.

 Around Riviera Park

Cartoon by Terry O'Neill Lake Geneva


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