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Hillmoor. What’s coming with this new group of Chicago realtors passing themselves off as the new owners, in place of the guy headed for a long time to a federal penitentiary. What’s up with them? They sent people to talk to Lake Geneva’s people on Monday night at the planning meeting. They like to say things like “we’re really into senior living,” although they didn’t look old enough to be seniors. They let people into AARP now at forty-five years of age so maybe that analysis is wrong. Senior living? Like Lake Geneva needs more garrulous, testy and “just say no to everything” citizens added to its voting ranks. Out on Highway 120 they are going to add a whole bunch of those aging up-from Chicago “don’t build any schools because we’re done learning” part-time, but voting citizens. What happened to the original idea of building a retail center? With the new ideas and representation of this Hillmoor wrecking crew comes more requests for changes the comprehensive plan to favor whatever it is they want to do.

Here they come again. The annexation of the Geneva Inn seems to go away and then come quietly back, like a middle of the night tidal surge. The communities around the lake are all up-grading their comprehensive plans. Their plans about how development is ruled, allowed or denied. Previously the plans the towns had drawn up were written so that the pristine nature of the area around the lake, which attracts tourists and allows residents to enjoy the ambiance, was not destroyed by out of control development or density issues that might cause the same kind of destruction. While the Lake Geneva Planning Commission is undertaking a rework of its plan for the city’s development, along comes the Geneva Inn seeking to have its prospective annexation included as “mixed use” property, instead of residential. The Geneva Inn wants to be annexed into the City of  Lake Geneva because the Town of Linn will not let them tear down nearby homes to build a facility for banquets and weddings, and it is hoping Lake Geneva will be more accommodating.

‘Scoop’ of the Week

Scoops at Lake Geneva

What else would be called Scoops other than an ice-cream shop? Maybe a newspaper? Scoops has been a fixture of Lake Geneva for the past 30 years. Tim Dorey is Scoops owner and is proud of the awards his place has received. They are almost as numerous as the selection of inventive flavors of ice cream always has on hand. His place is just steps from the beach across the street from the Riviera pier complex and Speedos.

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