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The distorted city-hung banners are down.
The front-page article about the banner signs brought attention to the selective use of the banner signs for a commercial business. The article has resulted in the removal of those banners and their replacement with banners that are compliant with both the city’s ordinance and with the intent of that ordinance. So, the issue should be closed; however, with all the attention the issue brought to those signs, it has been noticed that the location of those banners and banner poles appear to have been selectively placed, but not just for the advertisement of the event on the banner, but for the business by them.

Since the City of Lake Geneva has a phobia with signs and a ban on any sign that can move or is perpendicular to the flow of traffic the banner signs not only stand out, but they also draw attention to the businesses behind them. With only a handful of banner signs in the city, the 4 signs located in one cluster on Main Street, might cause one to wonder if their location when installed was to also draw attention to the businesses behind them, especially when the 4 signs could all be the same banner. It is also noted that several of the other banners are by current or former realtor offices. Subtle is subtle until noticed.


Pearce’s Farm Stand is opened Thursday, July 25th, a little later than previous years, but definitely worth the wait.
Bob and Mary Ann Pearce, are a wonderful hard-working couple who love sharing the bounty of their farm every summer and fall. Improvements and additions are always happening around Pearce’s property. A couple of summers ago a large commercial kitchen was added in order for the farm to produce many delicious baked goods. This year they’ve added large ceiling fans to the stand to provide a wonderful cool breeze for the customer’s comfort. Of course, as always, they have an array of great, fresh produce, including their amazing corn, as well as canned items and specialty items. The Farm Stand is open now through Halloween. Their awesome annual corn maze is already being planned. This year’s theme will be Alice in Dairyland. The Pearce’s will also be hosting a farm to table dinner at the end of September.

Pearce’s Farm Stand


Missing the turn at Pilgrim Road where it blends into South Lake Shore.
The county called. Town of Linn sent an email. Both entities very quickly and definitively made it clear that they have no responsibility, liability or accountability for that blending of highways, after reading the article in last week’s GSR. Both entities indicate that the proper authority, with the ability to replace the missing yield sign, rests firmly with the City of Lake Geneva. The next step, since apparently, the City of Lake Geneva administration is not keeping close watch over what’s in the Geneva Shore Report, is to approach that administration and bring it to its attention ‘up close and personal.’ That is the next step the GSR intends before an unfortunate, but wholly preventable, accident occurs at that location.

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Ivar Penaz invented the Hand-Aide gloves that are online at hand-aide.com. Ivar and his wife Nora, are excited about this product and hope that you will be too!


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