Little Gems

Princess Bride.  
This classic 1987 movie is one of the GSR’s favorites, and the whole town is getting excited about this Geneva Shore Report sponsored Moonlight Movie to be shown on Lake Geneva’s main beach. On August 7th the inflatable screen will be filled up, the people will come, the movie will play, and fun will be had by all. You may want to get there early as a very large crowd is expected. The movie starts just before dark, after a few words from some interesting notables.


The day the old TIF came down.
Dan Draper, Lake Geneva City Attorney. His wife works for the school district. The school wanted the TIF money. The city urged on by Dan Draper and the mayor at the time, worked hard to let go of that money and thereby give it to the school district. The TIF tax money was that money ceded to Lake Geneva from the bigger pot of other taxing entities around the county and the affected area. Affected by what?

Lake Geneva is the center of activity for the whole of Walworth County and a whole lot of Chicago. The TIF money was supposed to be tax revenue siphoned off from the other communities because of the upkeep and expense it takes Lake Geneva to support the visitors and make their visits not only possible but pleasant. Regular taxes of local citizens only cannot handle the amount of money to take care of roads, signage, traffic signals, parking machines and more. The city needs financial help to do that for hundreds of thousands of visitors every summer. And, if you have not been out much on summer weekends this year, then you have no clue about how the visitors have increased their numbers and impact in every area. The City of Lake Geneva needs the TIF back. It needs it to rebuild the Riviera. It needs to do something with the mess of street repair, currently patched and overlooked in many areas. Increasing revenue in parking or beach gate or other ‘small change’ areas is not going to cut it.


The 34th Annual Elkhorn Swap Meet and Car Show.
The show is scheduled to go on Saturday, August 2nd, and Sunday, August 3rd, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Walworth County Fair Grounds. The show offers over 1,300 car part vendors to help you find the perfect part for that classic car project you might be working on. The assembled parts people will have hundreds of cars on display in the ‘Cars for Sale Corral,’ which will make it easy for everyone and anyone to find an awesome car to buy from days gone by. This event brings in over 13,000 people, so there will be plenty of great vendors selling cars, parts and also auto-related accessories. There will also be a great assortment of food stands so everyone can grab a snack and check out some neat cars along the way.

Another Car Show


Walworth County’s National Night Out.
This event will go on Tuesday, August 6th, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m, at the Walworth County Fair Grounds. It’s a great free family event to meet all the local first responders in a non-threatening, non-emergency environment. It’s a community-based event that encourages police-community partnerships to make neighborhoods safer. It’s everyone’s chance to learn about the firetrucks and the sheriff’s armored tactical vehicles. The police will have their K-9 partners with them, so you can meet the dogs, as well. They will also offer demonstrations of first responders in action. At the end of the night all the emergency vehicles will turn on their lights and it will be quite the sight to see. Look forward to having a lot of fun at this event.


Apparently, an attempted break-in on Badger Lane occurred last Saturday night.
At approximately 10 p.m. the Lake Geneva Police responded to a call of an attempted break-in, with shots fired? The homeowner at the attempted break-in location told the police that a person was in the back yard nearing the back door when to protect himself and family (as this is not the first time their house has been broken into), he grabbed his gun and shot towards the ground out in the back yard.   The suspect, or suspects, apparently fled the scene. The police searched for a few hours, and they even had their drone in action, making sure no one was hiding in the nearby woods. The investigation is still ongoing, with the validity of the call and attempted break being one of the things considered since no other Badger Lane home in all of known history has been broken into with firearms involved.  No one is in custody.  A lot of questions remain unanswered in this alleged attempted break-in

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