The trees are coming down.
South Lake Shore Drive is becoming downright dangerous, running from the south end of BigFoot beach almost all the way to Hillside Road near its abrupt sharp turn west at Luis’s Pizza.  What is the Town of Linn doing, with respect to trimming the trees overhanging the road?  The electric company (Alliant) put up taller poles, which should have corrected some of this, but unfortunately, it is still a problem.  There is a great risk, as the summer begins and wears on, that the cable and phone wires so many people still count on, will come down and service will be lost for interminable lengths.  There is also the danger to cars and pedestrians passing by.   Vehicles, if the drivers observe branches cascading down, might take evasive action, thereby endangering everyone in their automobile or truck, not to mention anyone nearby the road at the time.


The House of Music.
Just what is going on at that place?  The House of Music was once a place where people went to learn to play musical instruments (mostly young people) or to practice already acquired skills.  Then the House of Music moved from its former location on Main Street, right next to the White River, to its new location down where Highway NN dead ends into Highway H near Lake Geneva’s western border.  There is some loud music going on there, as the House also built an outdoor grandstand.  The people living in the Edgewater development are not taking the advent of these outdoor performances lightly.  They have complained (specifically last Saturday night), but neither the City of Lake Geneva nor the Town of Geneva Police Departments would respond.  Both entities, according to the complaining residents, said that the land the House of Music is located upon is not in either township.  They said it was county land.  Well, that just cannot be.  The only other land not technically located in a township is DNR land, and there is no chance the House of Music is located on DNR land.  Alcohol is being served at the weekend band events, as well.  The agreement of the House of Music (supposedly with the county itself) is that they will close at eleven p.m.  Is this taking place?  More as things develop and the actual analytical location of the House of Music is finally discovered.

Mail Boat Tryouts

Mail Boat Tryouts Lake Geneva

The Annual Mail Boat Delivery Tryouts were held on June 9th. It’s always exciting to watch. The GSR roots for all those competing for a spot.


Mail delivery by boat on Geneva Lake started Wednesday.
Last week the mail boat jumper tryouts were held. The kids, Gage staff, and media were excited and ready. The day was a perfect day to be on the lake and a perfect day to be in the lake too. The tryouts consisted of nine new jumpers and three experienced jumpers. The contestants for this very cool summer job were also judged on narration and speaking skills as they are required to tell the story of different historic properties and iconic families on the lake. They were also judged on their ability to jump from the boat, land safely on a private pier, deliver, and retrieve the mail, and then jump back on the boat which moves constantly on by at about five miles per hour. There is also a portion of the route on the south side of the lake that requires a short run on the shore path, so tryouts also included a short sprint. All these attributes, along with dependability and pleasant personality, make this a job one for very physical and mentality adept go-getters. The tryouts were a lot of fun to watch, and the young adults all did a great job, but not all made it on every jump, however, some may have considered a fall in the lake a win, as it was about ninety degrees outside with a torrid sun beating down. Today the daily delivery route begins as do the mail boat tours, so everyone interested in viewing the one hundred- and five-year tradition can do so by getting a ticket and getting aboard.

Lake Picture of the Week

Geneva Lake

GSR Weekly Picture of the Lake. The mailboat making the rounds on a pretty morning on Lake Geneva.


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