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Public bathrooms have long been an issue in Lake Geneva for locals and visitors. Most of the people that visit here spend their day walking and relaxing around town, which means bathrooms need to be available, easy to find, and clean. At the last Committee of the Whole meeting, a Lake Geneva resident spoke about this matter. She was concerned that the public restrooms were hard to find, mostly because of the small signage. She was also concerned about the cleanliness of the restrooms (especially on the weekends and holidays). This concern was heard and is being dealt with.

The issue of the signage was mentioned at the public works meeting last Tuesday and the conclusion was that the signage will be dealt with at the next Park Board meeting. The issue of the cleanliness of the bathrooms is more complicated. The street department is in charge and does a great job Monday through Friday morning but then they are off for the weekend (including holidays), and this is the busiest time for Lake Geneva and the bathrooms. The idea of hiring out the cleaning and maintenance has been looked into. The companies talked to cannot, or do not want to, accommodate the weekend and holiday hours needed. Many times, the street department will have an employee come in on off time for a quick clean up when it is very much needed, or the beach staff will take turns cleaning when they can. This is not enough, however, and the issue continues to be a blemish on Lake Geneva’s reputation. The city is now considering hiring part-time supplemental staff to clean the restrooms. This may seem like a petty issue to spend so much time on, but many locals are concerned and the cleanliness of Lake Geneva’s bathrooms can either push people away or draw people in.

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Adam McCulloch

Adam McCulloch is a very well spoken, bright young man. You can meet him at the Riviera Star Party on June 27th from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Stars the limit with this kid.

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