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The purpose of the $55 million-dollar law-suit that White River Holdings filed against the City of Lake Geneva, was not about the $55 million, although it was about money.
It was about applying financial pressure on the City of Lake Geneva for its conduct in refusing a development request and by applying that financial pressure they hoped that the City of Lake Geneva would reconsider and change its view on the development of Hillmoor. Once White River Holdings believed that the conduct of the city was assured, they dropped the lawsuit against the City of Lake Geneva, as the purpose of the lawsuit was achieved and dropping the lawsuit would show good faith and acceptance of cooperation with the city. Furthermore, it makes it look like the City of Lake Geneva won the law-suit and White River Holdings has agreed to cooperate with the city.

But as the City opens the door to the development of the Hillmoor (ex)-golf course property the real winners and losers will be revealed. In addition to White River Holdings, there is a large force behind the development of the Hillmoor property that includes those who will directly and indirectly financially benefit from the development. The losers will be the small town, the small-town atmosphere, those surrounding the development, the loss of the Hillmoor property to current and future residents of the city, and the increased expansion and cost of the city’s government and its operation. The winners beyond White River Holdings will be the developers, realtors, banks, insurance companies, construction suppliers, the growth and expansion of city government and every city department.

When one looks at the list of winners and those currently in city hall the outcome is inevitable but inevitable doesn’t mean that the city doesn’t have a choice, it just means the city council will make the wrong one. Success is getting what you want; whereas, happiness is wanting and enjoying what you already have. A side note about the Hillmoor property that may be of interest; the current Hillmoor property consists of a section that cannot be developed and will be used to meet the green space requirement. The City of Lake Geneva used $250,000 of the $600,000 gifted to the city by Target (Ryan Corporation) to pay for the Edwards Blvd Extension assessment for that property.

Place of the Week

Gage Marine Lake Geneva

Gage Marine is a great company with even greater employees as they came to the rescue of the GSR. They made sure that the GSR made it to the mail boat in time for tryouts

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