The Barking Lot on Madison Street.
This business is nestled inside a quiet residential neighborhood and the owners have changed its name to The Barking Lot (really!), which also appears to speak to the complaints the neighbors are voicing about the noise. Sarah Schultz and Rachel Thornton recently purchased the former Dog Spot business. The building is still owned by the previous business owner, Lydia Estes. Sarah and Rachel were employees of that business when it was called The Dog Spot, and knew it had its issues. The doggy day-care and boarding portion of the business, established by the former owner, was approved by the city for a maximum of ten dogs at one time in the building. But daily that number has, allegedly, been exceeded. Having more dogs was not conducive for keeping noise levels down, and the building itself needed work, especially with sound barriers.

Sarah and Rachel nervously took over the business (according to them) knowing they would have some serious problems to address from the start. So, they worked and got in compliance with the city ordinances, hired more staff, made some repairs to the building, but admit that they still have a lot more to do. At last week’s plan commission meeting, Sarah and Rachel hoped for approval of a conditional use permit to have the number of dogs allowed on the property changed from ten to forty. The application had to be continued, however, due to incomplete paperwork and a lack of the property owner’s signature. Also, multiple residents near the Barking Lot have registered their complaints, further making this approval anything but certain.

Sarah and Rachel are very likable, down to earth women, and are working to meet the needs of those complaining. This issue will be reviewed at the next plan commission meeting agenda on July 15, 2019

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