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The board of directors of Popeye’s met.
They found the Geneva Shore Report wanting. Apparently, the rumor about the restaurant selling off its parking lot and outside barbecue pit was spurious. Not true. Not even close. That the rumor allegedly came from the majority owner of Popeye’s Restaurant in a weak moment, so to speak, is beside the point. The Geneva Shore Report takes the story back, apologizes and is prepared to serve up the reporter responsible for possible roasting in the fire pit that’s going to stay there forever. That pit, with its incidental aromas wafting out toward Riviera Pier, across the most expensive (by square inch) shrubbery in the country, is beloved by everyone, including the staff of the GSR. It is with great relief and an embarrassed grimace that the GSR takes this kind of “too many Bloody Mary’s” story back.

Popeyes Lake Geneva

Popeye’s quirky, venerable landmark with water views & a menu of roasted meats, sandwiches & seafood entrees. 811 Wrigley Dr, Lake Geneva, WI 53147


I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow…
There’s a new plan coming to River City. A new comprehensive plan. And it’s going to be placed down right over the long twisted imprint of Town of Linn. The old comprehensive plan that was drawn up more than twenty years ago was not comprehensive enough. That’s contractor, real estate and developer “double speak.” It really means the original plan was too comprehensive. In light of new state law, allowing much more control of development and changes made to shoreline properties and the “de-nutting” of Wisconsin’s DNR, an acronym that used to stand for Department of Natural Resources but now stands for “Do Not Resuscitate,” Town of Linn’s comprehensive plan had to be changed.

People like the Wrigley’s, Driehaus, Mechum families, and more, will likely be able to do what they damn well want to with the lake, while people like, well, everyone else, will be able to float around offshore and look with big round eyes at what those few do with “their” lake. “What’s happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear,” are the lyrics from the Buffalo Springfield song, but those lines are fully applicable to what’s happening in the small meeting room at the city hall in Town of Linn. Jim Weiss has his hands full and he’d better have his politician’s cap on, and not the “dunce” one. Notably, the comprehensive plan is required to be updated once every ten years and this is one of those times. But still, everyone must remain diligent and determined to preserve the quality of the land around Geneva Lake.

Fun at Lake Geneva

Geneva Lake in all its afternoon glory at five p.m. on Monday. It’s your lake and it’s my lake and it belongs to all those who venture close to enjoy its tremendous assets, from appearances to usage. It does not belong to a few rich people although they’ll take it if you let them.

The lonely Lake Geneva Library.
If you read the City of Lake Geneva organizational chart you might see a change. The Utility Department and Engineering Department are being drawn inexorably into the city fold and under the umbrella of Utah Blaine’s protection and authority. That leaves only the Lake Geneva Court and the Lake Geneva Police outside of his purview. Except for the library. The library remains under the independent accountability and control of the Library Board. A few years ago the library lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraud by an employee. The library survived and remained outside the Lake Geneva tribal fold. It’s time to end that charade. The court and police need to be distant from city administrator control, but that’s it. Every department and every employee of the city, other than the court and police force must be brought in. They deserve to be brought in. The public deserves for them to be brought in to an organized system where ethical accountable good can prevail.
And yes, Blaine Oborn is good.


Person of the Week

David Scotney Owner Oakfire Grill Lake Geneva

David Scotney a Lake Geneva resident and owner of the Oakfire at 831 Wrigley Drive. He commutes to work on his one-wheel skateboard enjoying the simple things in life, and participating in the community by being a good guy and great business owner.



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