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Popeye’s sells out. Well, not really. Not all of it, anyway. The owner’s of Popeye’s want to get rid of the parking lot and the open barbecue area of the restaurant. The parking lot is simply too much trouble to bother with, and the open fire pits where the lamb, pork and beef have been cooked can be taken inside. So to speak. No, it won’t be the same, but then is anything ever the same, and if it is then how much longer will it last? Popeye’s wants to sell the whole area so someone can come in and pay a lot of money to build another retail outlet, hopefully not a competitor restaurant! Popeye’s built its great reputation on that outdoor cooking, and not only because of the taste. The sight and aroma of the cooking meats draws in a lot of customers. Will it be the same when the cooking is done on the inside? Not very likely.


What if nobody does anything at all? Is this free motorcycle parking (wherever the hell they feel like it without any enforcement at all) working? That would depend upon your perspective. The yellow curb zones are intended for loading and offloading of trucks and other officially approved vehicles. When other cycles park in the yellow painted curb areas, then deliveries must be made by large trucks blocking traffic in the regular lanes. It is true that motorcycles take up an inordinate amount of parking space for their size, unless densely parked in single spaces if they are smaller cycles. When they park illegally they are not taking up the many legal spaces visitors driving cars might have had available if they’d used those spaces. The logic supporting illegal cycle parking, or overlooking the violation, begins to fall apart when motorcycle riders start parking illegally and ignoring fee-charging slots. Everyone wants to park for free, so if motorcycles can park anywhere for free, then that is exactly what all of them are going to do.
Sylvia, Lake Geneva’s mentally gifted parking czar, needs to roll this problem around in her cranial space and spit out a solution.

Illegal Morotcycle parking Lake Geneva

Motorcycles continue to be a summer problem in Lake Geneva, particularly when it comes to parking. This photo was taken on Saturday morning and illustrates how the cycle riders have become quite cavalier in choosing where they park. The yellow curb is all no parking on this busy Broad Street stretch.


The American Legion Post 24. Ben Host, the veteran who runs the American Legion Canteen at the tip of Library Park, has been a wonderful steward and poster boy for the Legion. He’s not only a veteran, but cares about veterans. He and his partner (his lovely wife) are offering free hot dogs to all veterans all summer. Now where have you ever heard of that occurring before? You haven’t, because it hasn’t. The American Legion backed this young returning veteran and so should the entire citizenry of Lake Geneva. It is such a grand pleasure to have things like this happening in the Lake Geneva community.

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