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Red umbrellas. The guy who owns and runs Haberdapper on Broad Street is named Steve (actually, he owns and runs it with his lovely wife Genna). Steve is a great businessman, with a fabulous line of reasonably priced quality clothing and accessories. What, other than running a great store, makes him special? He cares about the other local business people around him and the overall ambiance of the downtown area. He took it upon himself to put up some red umbrellas on the sidewalk lining one side of Broad Street. Now he’d like to get the city to come in and do what he’s done at his own expense for the entire downtown of Lake Geneva. He’s a visionary and he should be rewarded with support from all facets of the community. In fact, he lost his latest red umbrella on the day it was erected. On Monday, at about noon, a woman driving a white compact car drove into a parking space in front of Sterling Works, just down the street from Haberdapper, and due to trying to retrieve her dog from traffic (because it jumped out an open window) she lost control of the vehicle. The car rolled up and over the curb, and then over the red umbrella and the park bench next to it. Steve is in the market for a new red umbrella (probably to be paid for by the woman’s insurance), but his idea remains on the table. Putting up these attention getting, sun shielding and very attractive umbrellas is a wonderful idea, and everyone in Lake Geneva should support the city helping to pay for them and installing them all over.


Car Mishap on Broad Street Lake Geneva

A woman opened her car windows as she was parking on Broad Street. Her dog leaped out. She leaped out after the dog. The car was left in drive. The car jumped the curb and took out a bench and a new red umbrella. Nobody was hurt, which was a miracle.


Potholes in front of the Lake Geneva Library. Ron Carstensen comes back to mind. That was the name of the guy who ran the Lake Geneva Street Department for so many years, at a very high level of performance. He eventually fell on a political sword carefully laid out and then slid into him by the city’s previous city administrator, but before that time he was one outstanding city leader. The streets were plowed in winter and repaired in summer. His work was so well done that nobody noticed that the avenues of travel they moved around on every day and night were like traveling on Main Street in Disneyland. The current street department responded to complaints about pot-holes forming in front of the library on Highway 50 (Main Street) by filling the gaping pits in with asphalt a few months ago. The gaping pits are back. Where’s Carstensen? Probably still on some Australian “Walk-About” wondering what in hell happened to the results of all his great work, and applied diligence and expertise.


Oops again

Rock Wall damage Lake Geneva

A man named Loughlan lives in a lakeside house right close to Lake Geneva. His nickname is Santa Claus because of his age and his beard. A great chunk of his stone wall was knocked down last week. There were no marks in the grass on either side of the gaping wound. Is it possible that the damage was caused by a sleigh?


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