Little Gems

Anthony’s Restaurant, out on Highway 50 just west of Lake Geneva, is for sale.
Have you got three and a half million dollars just laying around? That’s what the owner wants for the place. Both sets of books come with the sale, so accounting should be no problem, or so a disgruntled just released employee stated. According to her, the place hasn’t made one dollar since day one. It’s so bad that the taxing entities offered to stop by and eat there on a regular basis to try to keep the place going. The motorcycle club crowd will miss the place in summer, as it was a favorite for them. Entering Anthony’s Restaurant was always like going back in time. You got the feeling that you ought to be wearing a fedora or a dark suit with wide lapels. There’s quite a chunk of land that comes with the place, so there’s no telling whether it will remain a restaurant, or be converted to something else by the new owners. Is it worth three and a half million dollars? Will it sell at that price? Only the market will tell.

McDonald’s bails out of Lake Geneva! The McDonalds inside the entrance on the south side of the Wal-Mart store in Lake Geneva is taking a hike. It is their claim that Wal-Mart is not making structural repairs or changes to their satisfaction. This is according to the employees who were informed by the management last Friday that the employees would be “toast” when the MacDonald’s contract is up. Therein lies the difficulty of reporting. The Geneva Shore Report called McDonalds directly and was informed that the contract is not up with Wal-Mart until the year 2020. So, McDonalds is leaving…some day, over the rainbow.


Christy Gelting and Tammi Carstensen (chairperson and vice chairperson) will be heading up the new Tourism Commission.
The first meeting is over and the initial decision they made was to transfer what funds they’d already received to Visit Lake Geneva (the old Lake Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce).  Visit Lake Geneva is rolling around this day like a fat pig in the sun but what of this new commission.  Gelting is okay and Carstensen is a class act.  Hopefully, good things can be expected from the Tourist Commission organized to perform a mission nobody much understands, including the Tourist Commission’s new leaders.

Business of the Week

Stillwater Coffee Company Elkhorn

Stillwater Coffee Company is a new coffee company in Elkhorn that serves fresh roasted coffee with a quiet, and tranquil atmosphere. They also serve two types of quiche, and a nice selection of sweets to. If you’re traveling north of Elkhorn be sure stop because, before you know it, you will find yourself enthusiastically returning for more. Stillwater Coffee Company 1560 North Country Club Parkway, in Elkhorn.

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