Where the “big foot” is going to be placed becomes more questionable as every day goes by. 

Does anyone remember back when the idea of getting rid of the BigFoot stretch of South Lake Shore Drive first came up?  It was thirty years ago, or so.  A group of wealthy developers thought to convert the lagoon into a Marina.  The lagoon would have been dredged way back behind where Corleone’s Restaurant now sits (and today everyone wants those oh so lovable Italians to stay and not have their feathers ruffled).  With what is currently being discussed, and the very real fact that the Hummel land is nudged right down there into that crook of the park, more Marina nonsense could be going on.  Hummel would love it.

What else would cause the head of the Town of Linn Board to vacillate in making a decision to quash the plan at its inception?  The Board Chair has quietly discussed the idea of having Town of Linn’s new fireboat dock somewhere there as sort of a ‘quid pro quo’ (something for something).  The fireboat is big, and high, and draws a good deal of water.  It might just need a marina for it’s docking purposes.  Everyone supports the fireboat.

No fires, but then that’s not the main purpose of the fireboat.  The main purpose of the Town of Linn fireboat, or any fire equipment, is for training.  Hopefully that other vital purpose (fighting a fire) is never to be served.

Mr. Weiss, the Board Chair in Town of Linn did comment, when directly quizzed about the potential location of the fire boat: “Rest assured there would never be a day that our fire boat would be located in the lagoon while I am around.  Not an attractive location geographically and would be prohibitive with all of the traffic. Also the location at Shadow Lane provides us with our own dedicated pier that provides us with much better security of this piece of expensive equipment.  That would never be requested by me.  Never ceases to amaze me as to what people think up at cocktail hour… LOL.”  Reassuring words from Town of Linn’s leader.

Salami Sam’s Deli bites the dust. 

The convenient convenience store, located at the corner of Wrigley and Main Streets in downtown Lake Geneva, with the great sandwiches and sometimes attitude, is calling it quits.  The owners have sold out to a “mean Greek guy,” as rumor has it.  The new owner’s name is supposed to be Theseus, but that’s no common Greek moniker anyone in the rest of the Greek restaurant community around the lake has ever heard of.  Some people use it for a first name on Facebook.  There is a Greek god going back some time ago with that name. Theseus was the King of Athens in Greek mythology.  He killed Procrustes and the Minotaur before defeating the Amazons and marrying their queen.  So, what does this all mean, especially since (at the last minute and after things were mostly signed) the allegedly mean new god-king decided not to purchase the goods and products Sam’s was selling?  It looks like there will be an entirely different business going into the building on that corner.  It also quite possibly means that those few Amazonian Wisconsin women, normally hanging around the lake in their combination of bikini and farmer johns, will finally find someone capable of dealing taking them on.


Willow Road Closure. 

That little stretch of road that connects Highway 120 and South Lake Shore Drive (at the intersection where the most excellent Louie’s Pizza is located) is set to close next week and stay closed until July.  The road is broken up every few years by the semi-truck trailer rigs that use it to bypass the scales located at the Wisconsin/Illinois border on Highway 94.  This time around the Town of Linn and the County of Walworth have pledged to build a road sufficiently strong to carry the unstealthy monster trucks carrying unknown shady cargo on Lake Geneva back roads.

Louie's Pizza Lake Geneva, WI


The local and state police agencies do nothing to interdict this kind of commercial travel because they are too busy sitting on Highway Fifty waiting for people to pass by speeding.  There are no speeders anymore but they’ve not figured that out yet.  The enforcement crowd did such a great feasting ticketing everyone traveling on that road for a couple of years that nobody speeds there anymore.  Funny how that works.  Highway Fifty is safe.  Highway Fifty also is also not contributing to the revenue streams of the areas around it.

Good news is almost always relative.

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