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The Geneva Shore Report apologizes to John Halverson.
On the front page of the Geneva Shore Reports last issue, John Halvorson, city alderperson of some distinction (President of the Council), was called a liar for taking a position that the moving of South Lake Shore Drive (currently running past BigFoot Beach) and the closing of Wrigley Drive should be included in the verbiage of the new Lake Geneva Comprehensive Plan. That Mr. Halverson failed to indicate that those two potential projects could be considered and studied at any time outside of being included in the plan (putting them in the plan makes it much more likely that such projects will be supported and accomplished). This caused the GSR to use the word “liar” but his comments did not rise to the level of lying. The GSR was wrong to indicate that Mr. Halverson lied. He did not. The staff of the GSR believes he was wrong and apologizes for going too far in disagreeing with Mr. Halverson. John Halverson is one of the finest city council members to ever sit in that position.
Sorry, sir.


The Red Geranium closed on January 1, 2020, and the property was sold.
The talk around town was that the building and property were bought with the intention of tearing the building down and constructing a Jiffy Lube. The City of Lake Geneva was anticipating the return of Red Geranium’s liquor license by April 1, 2020. This transfer may have never been planned as such, or the new owner’s plans changed very quietly and suddenly. The newest, and more exciting, plan for the property is for an antipasto bar to be established. Antipasto bars typically serve small plates of Italian food, similar to American appetizers, or Spanish tapas. They are usually included in grocery and specialty stores or Italian restaurants. This could be a wonderful addition and something different in Lake Geneva.  The new owner of the property at 393 North Edwards Boulevard has requested and applied to take over the Red Geranium’s liquor license. What will happen to that request remains totally unknown, as the granting of liquor licenses in the City of Lake Geneva has become nearly Shakespearian in its application process: “Fire burn and cauldron bubble…”



The reaction to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is about fear, but is it mostly hype or mostly reality?
The problem is that if one believes something then what those beliefs change what one does and that changes some of the reality. So, with regards to the COVID-19 Virus, is the real problem the virus and the sickness that it causes, or is the real problem the result of exaggerated fear, hype, and an over-response or some of both? The truth is not always in what is said, but how and why it is said. Intentionally, unintentionally and even with good intentions, it can be easy to cause, using mass media, the very problem attempting to be resolved.

To explain: One’s thoughts precede one’s actions. So, the more people are told not to panic, and to keep their hands away from their faces and mouths, the more they will be aware of it, and the more they are apt to overreact and touch their faces because the more conscious they are, then the more likely they will think about it and the more the nerves will itch, and the more they are likely to touch their faces. If a person is told not to blink his or her eyes, the more he or she will be aware of it and the more he or she will blink their eyes. It’s human nature to blink. Weigh the value of what is being said about this new virus, along with the possible motives of those who are talking about it.  Lake Geneva schools are all closed for the month of March, at the very least, while the library in Lake Geneva closed the day this issue was published. The city council candidate forum, sponsored by the Lake Geneva Regional Newsletter, is canceled until further notice. All restaurants in Illinois have been closed until further notice. This is just the beginning. Be careful out there, and be as discerning and aware as you can.

Homemade Sanitizer

Homemade Hand Sanitizer

A recipe for homemade sanitizer since shelves are low. It’s a fun activity for the kids while they are home from school.



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