Little Gems

At last Wednesday night’s tourism committee meeting, the Geneva Lakes Art Foundation (GLAF) applied for a $10,000 grant to market “Art in the Park” to a much broader audience outside of the local area. This is the program’s biggest event and brings in the income it needs to pay rent and the monthly bills for the year. Since moving to its new location, at 223 Broad St. GLAF’s budget has been a little tighter, and it doesn’t have as much money to dedicate to marketing. The organization runs, solely employing volunteers, and all funding comes from donations, membership dues, gallery fees, sponsors, and fundraisers. The ladies from the GLAF presented the committee with their ideas for marketing across the country to bring in more overnight stays and heads in beds. Art in the Park brings in many artists from across the nation and the foundation is looking to market to more people across the nation. They want to promote Lake Geneva as the great family destination that it is. The GLAF has a strong marketing plan in place, with online and print advertising, along with radio advertisements. The tourism committee loved the GLAF ideas and marketing plan so much they awarded the GLAF the grant. That money will be put to good use and support a great cause, there is little doubt.


Stephanie Copsey is the events coordinator in Lake Geneva and has her hands full with the Riviera and all that entails. Stephanie has a way of juggling all her appointments, and she makes it look effortless. Being a mother of 1 and soon to be 3, she is more than capable of multitasking. There is little question that she will handle it all beautifully. There will be a period of time when Stephanie will be calling on an assistant to help with some of the workload, which she is already in the process of setting up, but this amazing woman will continue to oversee any and all work being done on her behalf. Best wishes and congratulations Stephanie!

Person of the Week

Beth Tallon

Beth Tallon is a wonderful lady and a huge advocate for those in need. Beth can be found out fundraising quite regularly for the Twin Oaks Homeless Shelter in Darien. Thank you Beth!

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