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The parking “strange” delay.
The Public Works and Finance, License, and Regulation meetings on Tuesday night were all about the sixty-six parking kiosks that were already approved but inexplicably revisited as soon as the head of the Parking Department was out of the office for a few days. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not? Sylvia Malloy is a huge advocate for the new meters. She believes would benefit the city in the long run financially in maintenance and in more visitors that are less frustrated to deal with parking in Lake Geneva. Also, Sylvia knows the importance of keeping up with technology and the emphasis society puts on it. The discussion and determination of the kiosks goes on.


It was a challenging winter that hit us hard from every angle.
Well, we made it, Winter is over, finally… The snow and ice mounds are disappearing, the Ice Castle is demolished and waiting for Mother Nature to take over the melting process, the ice rink is closed and being removed until next winter, and the ice on the lake is getting thinner and open water can be seen a little more every day. Spring officially starts this afternoon! Signs of spring are everywhere and we are loving it! Birds can be heard singing in the early mornings, temperatures are warming, and the days are getting longer. Yeah!

Vehicle Gets Off the Thin Ice

Person of the Week

Lieutenant Ed Gritzner Lake Geneva Police Department

Lieutenant Ed Gritzner is a good guy and a wonderful part of the Lake Geneva Police Department. Lt. Gritzner recently graduated from an intense five day FBI-LEEDA Media and Public Relations Course. Congratulations Lieutenant Gritzner!

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