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Vietnamese Pho (pronounced ‘phu’) soup.
That stuff made with rice noodles and beef broth. Wow. It was, and is, extremely popular, and remains great in Vietnam to this day. Vietnam vets who served in the rear areas of that war understand about this special soup. Right now, it is being made locally by the Heart and Sol Café located on Center Street. It’s cheap, like it always was, but so very delightful as a light lunch alternative. Whether you served in that war or not, get over there and see what the Geneva Shore Report is raving about.

Pho Soup

Pho Soup

A hot and delicious bowl of Pho Soup served at Heart and Sol Café located on Center Street, Lake Geneva


The Frog!
The Fontana Frog Contest isn’t over yet, there’s still have until the end of the week Friday, March 22nd to get entries in at the Fontana Library. The frog naming contest is open to anyone and everyone and it sounds like there is a wide range of participants. People from the area, out of town visitors, and some school classrooms have all been a part of the contest so far. This is not surprising; the Fontana Frog has a place in many of the hearts that come across him. This frog has stood on the same ground for fifty-five years and with the newest owners Nick and his wife, from Nick’s Upholstery, and their generous hearts caring and maintaining the no named frog he will stand another fifty-five years, but now he will have a name! The iconic Fontana Frog should have a name by the middle of April!

The Business of the Week

Firefly Art Glass Studio, Elkhorn

Firefly Art Glass Studio. The DIY studio owned by a wonderful lady who will help you create any project that you can dream up. Located at 39 N. Wisconsin St in Elkhorn.


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