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The good old boys (GOB)
They are being left, strewn about the stressed wooden floors of art nouveau restaurants and bakeries across the Lake Geneva scene, their attempts to convert the lake into a mini-form of The Dells quietly swept away, like so much sawdust. Alan Kupsik, foundationally good man that he is, took it right in the shorts by this hit team of old men and secretive under-the-radar performers. As mayor, he tried to meet them in the middle over Hillmoor, the road past BigFoot Beach and even the theater project but to no avail. At the top of their ephemeral heap sits Tom Hartz and Dan Draper, two caricatures who are drawn from Looney Tunes cartoon. Wile E. Coyote Hartz and Slowpoke Rodriguez Draper, anti-heroic players dismally set into a landscape where life travels at zooming speeds about them, but they plod on, street smart, clever and never ever quitting.

Hartz is still mad as hell that he lost a million bucks he was going to make on the theater and Draper remains down and depressed over the fact that the city can’t find a single Lake Geneva real attorney to run against him. Kupsik wasn’t too happy when he found out that the fraternity of fools wasn’t going to take him in. He found out when Tom Hartz shockingly entered the race against him for mayor. He found out when double-dribbling “Skater” Skates stood up at a recent city council meeting and told him to his face that he was a lame duck mayor and did not deserve to be appointing anybody to anything. Skates was trying to pull the Mitch McConnell trick of making sure only the appointments of a carefully selected heir apparent could make such appointments (think the U.S. Supreme Court debacle). Skates wasn’t the Majority Leader of a U.S. Senate stacked with friends, however. He was simply a member of the Lake Geneva City Council. He was handed his proverbial butt by the other members of the council who still had their wits about them after he made his nasty comment about Kupsik. Councilperson “Wilting” Flower and Tom Hartz’ great friend Strauble, voted with Skates and then got to sit down and shut up for the remainder of that Monday evening. Kupsik was wounded by that attack. Skates is Hartz, with Flower and Strauble and Draper threw together into one.

Quiet loser and former city administrator, Dennis (stuck here on the police and fire commission) Jordon is still active and waiting in the wings to support the rest of the GOB (Good Old Boys) network. Will Alan Kupsik, wounded to the core, quit local politics and move on, or will he dig in the fight to win another day? It is hoped that the “fight and dig in” choice will be his and that what he’s learned in his tour as mayor will be put to work for the entire community on into its future.

Business of the Week

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