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Broken over the wheel of small-town misfortune, and “the devil is in the details.”
The City of Lake Geneva posted on its website the plan and schedule for the Main Street reconstruction project, which would block off access to many of the stores in downtown Lake Geneva for 64 days (from March 7 to May 13). The following is the timeline found in the January 3rd joint meeting. On January 3rd there was a special joint meeting between the Utility Commission and the Public Works Committee. The Agenda Item No. 7 pertained to the Main Street Reconstruction Project which was a closed session with respect to litigation in which it (the city) is, or is likely to become, involved pertaining to Main Street Reconstruction Project Bids. This item was put on by Attorney Draper. Agenda item No. 8 was a motion to return to open session and to take action on items discussed in the closed session.

However, despite a comment that “no official action will be taken other than those listed on the agenda” after the closed session on a 6-0 affirmative vote, the utility commission awarded the Main Street Water Main & Reconstruction bid to Willkomm Excavation & Grading Inc., not to exceed $335,812.63 ($320,812.63 to Willkomm &, $15,000 to Kapur for engineering services) paid by the Utility Commission. Then the Public Works Committee on a 3-0 vote approved the expenditure of the Utility Commission in an amount exceeding 250K for the Main Street project, and on another 3-0 vote, approved an additional $334,116.17 to Willkomm, and $38,468.00 to Kapur for engineering services.

January 8th at the Regular City Council meeting item 12 (a) was discussion/action of Utility Commission exceeding $250,000 which the city council approved (8-0), and 12 (b) was the discussion/action of bid award of the Main Street Project to Willkomm Excavating & Grading Inc. for $654,928.79, with $334,116.17 from 2018 Street Improvement Program and the remainder from Utility Commission funds which was approved (8-0).

January 12th Task Order Number #09A written to add the 800 block of West Main Street to the project.

January 17th Utility Commission Meeting agenda item # 12 discussion/recommendation on an amendment to Kapur Task Order for the Main Street water project. It was explained that the 800 block was not included in the original task order. The increase was amended to $7,500 and Task Order #09A was unanimously passed.

February 14th Utility Commission meeting minutes Director’s report “The preconstruction meeting for Main Street Water and the Main Street project is scheduled for Feb. 15 and the hope is to narrow project scheduling at that time.”

February 20th Public Works Committee minute’s Director’s report had two Main Street items 1.) “A Main Street pre-construction meeting was held, and Earle is looking into which permits would be required to close the road. A preliminary schedule was included in the packet.” Note: The packet for this meeting is not listed nor is it on the city’s website; whereas, all others packets are. 2.) “WE Energies and AT&T want to trench in the alley on Center Street, Cook Street and Main Street, WE Energies is trying to have them coordinate so there is only one open cut, Timing with the Main Street Reconstruction needs to be considered.”

Other than the surprise posting on the city’s website of the closing of Main Street and its timeline, there was no known prior warning or public notice given to the city council, the public or businesses explaining the timing, length or magnitude of the impact of the Main Street closures nor provision for their comments or input.


Main Street Road Repair Time Table: 67 days March 7th to May 13th.

March 7th Traffic control is set up.

March 13th pavement removal 1000 block.

March 19 pavement removed 800 & 900 Blocks.

March 19th Utility work 1000 block.

March 26th Utility work 800 Block.

April 2nd roadway grading 1000 Block.

April 6th roadway grading 900 Block.

April 13th driveway and sidewalk removal.

April 16th Driveway apron and sidewalk preparation.

April 19th Form, pour & cure concrete work.

April 26th Landscape preparation.

April 30th fine grading and pavement prep.

May 2nd Pavement work.

May 8th Pavement Marking.

May 10th -12th Traffic control removal

May 13th project completed.

Note: “WE Energies and AT&T want to trench in the alley on Center Street, Cook Street, and Main Street.”


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