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“Yes, I’m the great pretender…just laughin’ and gay like a clown…”
Secret Session. Top Secret. “Q” Clearance only.
Mr. Former Newspaper Editor Guy, John Halverson, is about to be introduced to the ‘shut the hell up and do what we want’ form of secrecy that abounds behind closed doors at the Lake Geneva Municipal Building in special “cone of silence” get togethers.

Here’s the official announcement for the cone people getting together on Monday night:
“Closed Session. a. Motion to go into Closed Session pursuant to Wis. Stat. 19.85(1)(g) conferring with legal counsel for the governmental body who is rendering oral or written advice concerning strategy to be adopted by the body with respect to litigation in which it is, or is likely to become involved:
1. Sprinkler Ordinance (City Attorney Draper).
2. Pre-annexation Agreement with Big Foot Holdings LLC and Geneva Waterfront Inc. (AKA Geneva Inn) (Special Counsel Wirth)
3. Notice of Claim for the crosswalk death incident on December 27, 2016 (Special Counsel Wirth).”

There is no budget for Mr. Wirth. It is presumed that Mayor Kupsik will be paying him using his personal America Express Card. Mr. John Halverson will go into the meeting looking one way and then come out looking another. He will never talk or write about what he sees or hears in there. Not until he gets out of the bureaucratic rehab the city pays for using worker’s compensation insurance.

The GSR has threatened to sue the city if it proceeds with the annexation. In response, the leadership of the city will gather together and listen to the entertainer named “Disturbed” singing a great hushed rendition of the Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. The council meets on Monday night. They had Mr. Wirth, and then they invited in Dan Draper, the city attorney, who had recused himself because he works with the Geneva Inn, helping them to get annexed. What about the fox in the hen house? Who is to be kept out of these secret discussions about the city’s moves to support this idiotic annexation? The Geneva Shore Report and the people of Lake Geneva, of course.


Dana Mecum

Dan Mecum

Dana Mecum, of Mecum Auto Auction, home based in Walworth, is acting out. What’s this older portly gentleman of considerable worth, and poor architectural taste, doing around Geneva Lake now? By the way, that architectural shot comes from floating by his new residence on Lake Geneva’s shoreline. He built a huge place in Fontana with about forty garages (his auctions sell old muscle cars to old guys on television), and it is distinguished by having a tall minaret at the lake end. It is unknown whether the minaret is representative of Dana Mecum’s religious affiliation or not. Seems that Mr. Auto Auction himself went into a gold/silver exchange store located in Lake Geneva and demanded a coin back that one of his employees had stolen from his version of the Taj Mahal a year earlier. The employee is in rehab, and so is unavailable for intelligible comment.

Mr. Mecum, doing a Mutt and Jeff routine with a friend, walked into the store and berated the owner, blaming her for buying the gold coin, and then demanding it back. Well, that didn’t work. His performance in front of the woman was recorded on video and is up on YouTube as this article is written, the audio deleted because, well, the audio would never have been allowed by YouTube. What sort of auctioneer-type character is Dana Mecum? He’s probably the kind of auctioneer anyone should expect to deal with in selling anything, particularly after watching him in the video. Incidentally, Dana Mecum’s business is in the Town of Walworth (the old Piggly Wiggly building), but don’t go over there to look at any of the cars he sells on television. The public is about as welcome in his headquarters as he himself is about to be in retail establishments around the lake.

 New Vendors at Farmers Market

Lake Geneva Farmers Market

Lake Geneva Farmers Market is officially open for the 2017 season. With a few new vendors, all spots are full with a broad selection of fresh food, flowers, and craft items to name a few. New customers, and returning shoppers appear to be outnumbering those of years past.

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