The new guy rides in. “Utah” Blaine, whose actual name is Blaine Oborn comes marching down Main Street. What kind of new city administrator does Lake Geneva want? An old weathered prune who sided with every special interest out there and only survived by burning all city records more than seven years old (which was when he was likely doing his thing with the Hummel nastiness)? Does Lake Geneva want someone brand new? Well, the brand spanking new kid on the block is not what they got. Jordon kisses the town goodbye and another player takes his place at the supposed top job in Lake Geneva (the real top job, in pay and authority still belong’s to Dan Winkler). If city administration might be compared to running a game of power, does the city really not want someone who’s played, lost, cheated, and even won a lot at the game?

Blaine is not without blemish, but then who is? He’s stepping down from a higher paying job in Blane Oborn New City Administrator Lake GenevaRhinelander, which might be a clue that his tenure there wasn’t the most satisfactory on his part, Rhinelander’s part or both but the results remain murky and not definitive simply because political job changes most resemble sports coaching job changes in the American culture. It’s all secret, from the interest, interviews, backgrounds and final conclusion with respect to selection. About the only truth anyone ever gets is the final price. And that final price is always in money not in results. The jury remains out on Blaine Osborn when it comes to his new role as Lake Geneva City Administrator. About the only conclusion anyone can come to in following what can be made of his tortured trail to office is that apparently he is most adept at dealing playing his cards out of public view. Following Mr. Jordon’s secretive and rather uncaring tenure in office is this kind of player really the kind of administrator the city wanted?

BigFoot is not dead. The park that cannot be left alone is still on the council agenda. The city council of Lake Geneva wants two million dollars or so to do something with it. They just can’t seem to figure out what. Moving the scenic road, commonly referred to as Paradise Drive, seems to be off the agenda after a flood of concerned citizens spoke up in every community around the lake. So how can the Lake Geneva City Council pay off the people who got stiffed when the parking structure wasn’t build? I mean there was only about $340,000.00 worth of profit on the $400,000.00 Bunk pavilion job and that wouldn’t be enough to fill the big pockets hanging out around city hall.

Maybe the good, kind, obedient and so quietly and secretly involved folks over at First Immanuel Lutheran might have something to say, whisper or even mime about it all. Where is the attorney named Saul from the television show when some church dumpsters might need going through?


Good News at Our Place

Farmers Market Lake Geneva WI

The Farmers Market on Broad Street in front of Horticultural Hall re-opens
for year.  Supported by the city (free parking) and beloved by local residents who love supporting local farmers and the wonderful fresh foods they share.


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